Homeopathic Remedies Related to the Birth Event

Socrates reminds us that “all men are mortal”, and so therefore we all have ‘birth’ and ‘death’ in common. Whether we are helping a mother to prepare for, and go through the birth experience in a healthy way, or we are working back in time to remove the shocks or traumas which were engendered during someone’s own birth process, there are a great range of homeopathic remedies which are very useful for all aspects of this. Have a look at this video, where I outline some of the physical and emotional factors we consider when selecting remedies for a birth process.

Download a PDF image of the birth mindmap here:

Approaching The Birth Event With Homeopathic Remedies

Moving past the vaccination myth through the immunization answer : A radio program

I was recently on Dr. Dena Churchill‘s radio program with a panel of different experts talking about vaccination, and what the options are for parents who may be deciding to partially or completely avoid vaccinating their children.



Dr. Dena Churchill



Here was the original description which Dr. Dena posted with the show:

Are vaccines safe and effective? Is vaccination an informed choice? Where do we find information to know the warning signs of a vaccine reaction and risks?

The safety and efficacy of vaccinations is a controversial topic. Depending on who you talk to they are either praised and celebrated for wiping out epidemics or blamed for vaccination reactions and disabilities. Where is the truth in these extreme ranges of opinions? Which vaccinations carry the most risk? Why would the public challenge vaccination? Who ultimately benefits?

This show is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical procedure involving a child, parents should gather all available information and discuss the decision of whether or not to vaccinate with one or more doctors and with consideration for the individual laws of your province, state and country. Our intention in this segment is simply to illustrate that vaccination is with the most health conscious parents an informed choice and to share with you the resources, information and options.

Join me with our panel of experts:

Barbara Loe Fisher (President of National Vaccine Information Center)

Glenna Calder (Naturopathic Doctor)

Tim O’Shea ( Author of Vaccination is not Immunization)

Jeff Korentayer ( Doctor of Medical Heilkunst)

You can hear the full playback of the show here.

Armoring of the Ocular Segment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 3rd Year (Armoring of the Ocular Segment)

I introduced the concept of Reich’s seven segments of armoring yesterday, and today I will begin to explore in more detail each one of these segments in treatment. Please keep in mind as you follow through these, that the application of these concepts and therapeutic methods in treatment is quite dynamic and unique to each individual case, and that these are only being offered as a general indication of the emotional content which is found within each of these segments. Also, the entry into this part of treatment with a patient is dependent on how solid of a foundation has already been established in terms of the basic application of the first two jurisdictions (Regimen and Medicine), so as not to create a chaotic situation.

Photo by Jesse Davis “Big baby eyes”

Taking a look at the first segment today, the ocular segment relates to the eyes and vision, as well as other physical aspects of the top of the head, such as tension in the forehead, or temples. The general emotional tone related to a blocked ocular segment is one of depression, which can manifest in greater or lesser intensities. The fundamental characteristic of a rigidified ocular segment is of a split between sensation and perception, and a general dissociation from reality.

Virtually everyone has some degree of ocular segment, especially considering the modern birthing methods in the hospital, where life begins with antibiotic drops being put into every new baby’s eyes. Our very “head dominant” culture also encourages much intellectual dissociation from reality, and a break in contact with living processes.

Any number of common vision problems, such as near- or far-sightedness, astigmatism, or even photophobia are physical indications of a blockage in the ocular segment. Other issues such as headaches, or general tension in the forehead and temples are also related.

Emotionally, as I’ve mentioned, there is some degree of dissociation, or lack of contact with life and reality. Compensatory behavioiurs, such as voyeurism (ie “peeping

Toms”) manifest in an attempt to re-establish some form of contact through the eyes. In general, even if there aren’t any overt vision problems, there is some degree of emotional disconnection, and difficulty in making true contact with another.

Treatment involves all different types of exercises encouraging the movement, and re-mobilization of the eyes, both in an emotional and physical sense. Natural vision improvement exercises are a good area to draw upon, to start to get the eyes freed up.

Another type of exercise is to look into the eyes of someone who can give objective feedback, or a mirror if you are working alone, and intentionally express a variety of emotions through your eyes : surprise; love; hate; fear; anger; etc. This combines both the physical act of moving the muscles around the eyes with the strong emotional content that belongs there. If this is too difficult at first, the practitioner can start more simply with having the patient follow the path of a penlight in a darkened room, to simply get the eyes and surrounding muscles mobilized.

In terms of remedies to consider, Opium is useful for the aspect of dissociation, when someone seems to be living in another world. Ruta Grav is useful when there is chronic strain to the eyes, such as working long hours staring at a computer screen. Gelsimium can help when there is a tired, droopy appearance to the eyes. The Bach Flower Remedy Clematis may also be useful for that dreamy, disconnected from reality state. Also, Chestnut Bud may be appropriate where an occular block has prevented someone from gaining insight from their life lessons, and end up repeating the same mistakes over and over. The homeopathic remedy Cannabis Indica is also quite strongly related to this theme of the ocular blockage, in terms of a dissociation or split from reality. The same is true in various ways of all of the ideogenic remedies.

For all of the above exercises, it is always essential to combine them with a conscious effort to breath fully and deeply, as this is the primary mechanism for armoring and holding in the emotions.

Where Do Babies Come From?

After tackling the question of “why is the sun yellow and the sky blue?” yesterday, it seems logical to tackle the next question of “where do babies come from?” Some of my general practice has been focussed on treating infertility, in couples who are having trouble conceiving for one reason, or another. Aside from cases where there is a measurable physical or organic reason preventing pregnancy, which is fortunately in the minority, I’ve had a fairly high success rate where the cause is at the functional level.
One interesting phenomenon, which occurs often in infertility cases, is the need for the couple to “let go” of their attachment to when, or even if they will conceive a child. This is evidenced by the many anecdotal accounts of conceptions which have occurred after the couple decided to go the route of adoption, which they only do after they have let go of their attachment to conceiving a baby. Similarly, many couples have been able to conceive once I have given them the remedy Natrum Muriaticum, which helps them to let go of their attachments, and possibly other emotional baggage which they are holding on to.
This look at the state of mind behind baby-making is actually quite instructive, and gives us a doorway into understanding that conception is more primarily a function of a particular state of consciousness, rather than a simple mechanical act. All of the mechanics leading to conception and pregnancy are governed by a certain state of mind, in much the same way that the physical symptoms of a given disease take a certain form based on the underlying state of mind of the disease.
The anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski wrote a book called The Sexual Life of Savages, based on his study of the socio-economic and marital structures of the Trobriand Islanders. This is essentially a matriarchal society, which has a very open attitude towards condoning teenage sexual activity, and fascinatingly, where incidence of teenage pregnancy is unheard of. In the Trobriand culture, and state of mind, the question of “where do babies come from” is answered “by marriage”. The natural order of life in this society is that the teen years are for exploration of self and of pleasure, and not until one comes of age, and is ready to take a responsible role in society, do the events of marriage and then babies follow.

The mechanistic ideas about conception from the West have not entered this culture, where it is very clear to them that babies are a product of adulthood and marriage, rather than the mechanics of sex.
Meditating on such a phenomenon raises bigger questions for our infertile couples of the West — the deeper exploration of the mind, emotions, and beliefs of each Heilkunst patient will as often as not bear much fruit in terms of unearthing the root of their infertility, in terms of some frozen stage of their development, or perhaps an emotion still tied to a previous trauma. After physical or organic causes of infertility are ruled out (which is in most cases), this deeper Heilkunst process of treatment will usually clear out whichever block(s) are in the way of a natural process of conception unfolding. It’s such a blessing to have been part of all these babies being conceived without the parents having had to resort to IVF, or other highly toxic hormone and drug procedures which have devastating effects on the mom and child.


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Fertility and Heilkunst

I’ve had the greatest pleasure to serve couples who suspected that they may be infertile to beholding their wee bundle of joy in their arms.  Some of them were just curious about the fact that they were actively having sex with their partner for over a year without having yielded the intended results asking me to help out in this regard, while others had undergone rounds of IVF, (“in vitro fertilization” literally means “fertilization in glass.”)  The latter patient, admittedly, took more time to resolve, as first we had to clear the barrage of toxic drugs used in this process before the body was pristine enough to once again engage in the natural process of creating new life.  The root cause of this issue is not as mechanical as you might think.  In fact we’re just starting to recognize the side effects of having a chemically induced, cryogenically manufactured or even marginalized love affair with a superficial donor.

African Fertility Gods

African Fertility Gods

If you’ve been trying to create a babe with your partner, you may have become frustrated having reduced the intimate and beautiful act of love-making to some kind of clinical setting.  Taking your temperature, assuming a position, rushing to cavort at the right times of the month to just stare at your bloodied underwear month after month can leave both of you feeling disappointed, empty, impotent and sadly mechanistic about bringing a babe into the world as some kind of functional gymnastics.  Everyone of us has heard the story, several times, about a couple that has “given up” on their capacity to procreate and gone ahead with an adoption to find out they’ve successfully conceived within months of the adoption.  There is a key state of mind to be cognizant of in this story.

As a Physician of Heilkunst Medicine with over 15 years of research under my belt, I can tell you that the art and science of making babies has a lot less to do with chemicals and mechanistic thinking than you might ever think.  In fact, using your intellect to tweak a chemical here or there, or play with hormones is the realm of God, and I strongly suggest that if you try to get too close to the the almighty sun, you will no doubt burn your Achilles feathers.  The approach we use in order to realize consistent results is by using the principles laid down for us by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  He stated that the Physician has only one true calling and that is to make the sick healthy and whole and that the only righteous way to treat a person is to remove the block, shock or trauma that is impinging on that individual’s life force.  Not only will the person know greater health physically, but they will also realize their full emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Following Hahnemann’s blueprint for cure, means that we’re doing a detoxification and chelation therapy starting your first visit to us through that Drainage and Organ Support dropper we give to you.  Also, that recommendation to drink 2-3 litres of pH balanced water and those Himalayan Salts and Greens we recommend help to address acidosis in the system.  The impregnated zygote will make a left at Albuquerque to avoid implanting into the uterus of a toxic or acid environment.  Also, states of anger (stress), fear and Genetic Miasms like Cancer, Gonorrhoea (Sycosis/Medorrinum) and Syphilis will make it doubly difficult to encourage new life to want to stick around on board for the nine month duration.  Would you want to be hosted by such an organism plagued by such issues?  Me neither.

When we have addressed your specific regimenal and medical issues without causing you an ounce of harm or further re-toxification, we then turn to the art of love.  Are you in a wholly resonant relationship with your beloved?  Have you created a beautiful ritual for you and your partner to ask for the baby?  In Waldorf pedagogy inspired by Rudolf Steiner, we attended multiple ceremonies when our children’s teacher read a beautiful story about how our son or daughter came to be spiritually called for walking over the rainbow bridge between the super-sensible and sense realms.  I know this may mess with your mechanical mind, however, Bronislaw Malinowski proved in his book, The Sexual Life Of Savages, that children encouraged to have fully orgastic sex in their teens by their parents and community never suffered any unwanted pregnancies.  When the Chief of the tribe was interviewed by Malinowski, it is realized that babes are only produced in a committed union between a man and woman and that they’ve consciously asked the Gods for a babe to be delivered to them, only then will conception be achieved through the love embrace.

Also, are you doing it right?  Are you properly threaded through to genital primacy as per Dr. Wilhelm Reich?  What I know about our modern culture is that most folks are living out of their heads, intellectually postured in the past or anxiously projected into the future.  In order to truly make love, communing with another being through orgastic potency, we need to have cleared the decks of the emotional content still mucking up the decks above the pelvic block right up to the ocular block.  Also, does the earth move when you have sex with your beloved are do you need some thawing of your genitals and pelvic region?  Reich recognized in his book, The Function Of The Orgasm, that only a small number of men, and no women, were achieving a full erectile-ly/vaginally charged, all over body grand mal seizure version of orgastic potency.  A genital sneeze, may not be enough oomph to power those swimmers into their intended destination and you need a fully threaded man and woman, connected to their emotions and spiritual nature to spawn a child of true consequence.

If you could look through our organizing lens into our offices and see the conception, in uteri and birth traumas still registering on our patient’s richter scales, you might think twice about how you want the cellular memory of your offspring to recall their birth experience right from the moment of conception or before.  If I wholly understand Steiner’s Anthroposophy, or study of man, the wee soul that is searching the earth for its new hosts to incarnate into, starts that process well before the sperm ever meets egg.  The further we get from a spiritually connected union, fully threaded through the function of the orgasm and consciousness, the bigger price down the line is that we all have to pay through toxic medical interventions like IVF, damaging Ultrasounds, Amniocentesis, karmic sufferings and socio-economic challenges.

If you’ve considered the above and are committed to taking responsibility for what the “Gods” may gift you with, then come and see us about your fertility issues and we’ll begin by peeling your proverbial onion.  Through the process of Heilkunst excavation, we tout a 90% success rate with fertility issues.  We know that the 5,000 regulating chemicals and hormones in your body will be following their finely orchestrated blueprint once the timeline of traumas and Genetic roots for constant chronic disease are removed on the sound basis of law.  It’s a no brainer.  Make sure you send us a picture of your newborn to adorn our clinic walls!


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Another Birth Time Line Story : Clearing Oxygen Deprivation

As I’ve written previously, children will often be easier to treat than adults for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that their behaviour and expression in life is usually more direct, and unfiltered. They act out exactly what they are feeling or thinking in a way that makes it very easy to identify a clearly matching remedy for their state of mind.

I had one child in treatment a few years ago, who, over the course of one summer, kept having ‘accidents’ which involved either strangulation or other forms of oxygen deprivation. Whether involving ways of play where she’d wrap things around her neck, but then they’d get too tight, or the more frightening moment when she fell into the family’s backyard pool (before she knew how to swim).  Why was this girl repeatedly having occurrences of oxygen deprivation?

As the mother described these events to me, I started to wonder why the child kept acting out this same type of trauma repeatedly. We re-examined the child’s time line, which had already been completely treated, or so we thought! When we re-examined the nature of the birth event for this girl’s time line, we realized that her birth had been treated as a normal birth, but that the Mother had forgotten to write down that she had been born blue, with the cord wrapped around her neck!

It was obvious, then, that this missing piece from the girl’s time line would be the next thing to clear with a time line remedy, as her life force was clearly driving her to re-enact this trauma, as the next blockage to be removed from her natural and healthy life function. Patients often worry that they might have forgotten to put something on their time line, but I always assure them that their life force will always indicate what it needs, whether through symptoms, behaviours, or occurents (events which happen ‘to’ us).

There are a great number of possible interventions in the modern birth event, and I’ve learned to explore the available information about a patient’s birth in every detail possible, in order not to overlook any possible aspect of the birth trauma that will need to be cleared. Even in a straightforward, easy, natural birth, the natural forces of compression on the head and spine are enough to warrant the basic “birth formula” of remedies which we start with, with just about every time line treatment.

An Eye-Opening Experience on Treating a Birth Event

I wrote yesterday about the treatment of a broken arm, and the consequences of that for the patient. I want to introduce a new concept today, based on a different patient’s reaction to the treatment of her first time line event.

This treatment involved addressing the recent birth of her daughter. It was a relatively straightforward birth, and the remedies I gave her for this time line event were the typical birth remedies (that is, birth from the mom’s perspective — birth from the baby’s perspective takes a different set of remedies).

When she returned for her first follow-up one month later, she brought a very visible excitement about her treatment, which hadn’t been present at her first visit. The living experience she had with her remedies the first month helped her to “get it”, as far as how treatment works, and what she could expect going forward. This is true with almost every patient — they may understand the concepts regarding how treatment works, but it is very difficult for a concept on its own to generate any type of warmth or excitement in the absence of an experience.

So, what was the living experience that this patient had from her first time line remedies? She told me that after completing the remedies, she had a very unusual moment of re-experiencing the sensations very similar to (but not as intense) as when she had gone into labour. Her eyes widened slightly as she described to me the sequence of sensations she felt as she went through the healing reaction from those remedies.

As with all healing reactions, what the life force pushes up to the surface represents some form of completion of a natural process, which for some reason had not originally occurred in a natural setting where it could be completed. The healing reactions to time line events, in one way or another, will push out a physical or emotional memory which was suppressed when it original occurred.

As I have experienced with many patients, it is at moments like this where they display a true desire to learn more about the treatment, and where we’re going to be going for the remainder of their treatment plan. The moment when rigid skepticism dies, and the patient gives birth to truly engaging with the process of their treatment, and expanding the possibilities of health for themselves.

Conscious Breastfeeding

I know this is going to sound odd, but most of us women don’t realize that breast feeding is actually a male-like function.  If you think about it, the aroused nipple is actually a miniature phallus seeking to penetrate the open lips of a baby seeking healthy penetration.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of nursing a baby as they curl their fingers around your breast, or your own finger, you can watch your babe become drowsier and drowsier as they seemingly get drunk on the warmth and love exchanged between mom and babe.  Some of you may have even noticed the babes cheeks suddenly quake and shake as they relax further into this nourishing exchange.  If they could speak, you might even hear them say, “I am safe, I am held, I am loved.”  This quaking in the cheeks is actually a facial orgasm!

As a dynamic Physician, I work with patients all the time whose needs were not met by their own mothers.  I have had clients who were force-fed as babes and toddlers, where a timer was rigidly set at the beginning of the meal.  One man told me he was instructed that he had 15 minutes to consume all of the food on his plate as a boy!  I’ve worked with obese folks who still have the feeling that if they don’t get all the food in at one sitting, they won’t have an opportunity to eat again.  I had one 300 lb. woman lie in her bed, raise up her arms in supplication and  begin to cry out the words “please feed me.”  As she cried, she began to claw at the sheets, she recognized that she must have been left in her crib and denied feedings.  She was furious.  In the 60’s and 70’s, some Pediatricians instructed parents that a babe should be nourished no more than once every 4 hours … by bottle, of course.  At the time, breast feeding was not in fashion.

Breast feeding has no rules.  Some babes may fuss for food every four hours around the clock, some cluster feed through the day, or evenings, and then sleep soundlessly though the night.  My own babe was premature, by 2 months, and he nursed every 1.5 hours day and night for the first 6 months.  At the time, I thought I was going to loose my sanity, but my job was not to question why, or listen to schedules or even other parents’ advice.  My job was to nourish Jordan as often as he felt he needed it.  He has grown into an amazing 15 year old teenager, almost 6 feet tall with size 12 feet, and he barely needs a weekly hug!  Some days, I’d secretly give a nickel to turn the clock back and share that level of intimacy with my beloved son.

Nursing, and nourishment, is hooked to our sexual organs.  Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, M.D., explains this phenomenon more thoroughly -“In the infant, contact with the environment is effected principally through the mouth, which at this time is a very highly charged, almost autonomous organ.  The mouth effects its own discharge of energy at its maximum point of intensity by means of a convulsive reaction which can appropriately be called the oral orgasm.  Many pediatricians, unaware of this, have made a diagnosis of infantile epilepsy when they observed this orgasm.”  What he is alluding to is that our babes use the breast to let go of pent up steam, or anxiety, through their mouths and if this capacity isn’t wholly nourished at this time, problems with food, sex and “saying” what’s on your mind can be affected later.

For babes who have good contact with a loving mother who is sensitive, warm and “alive”, the child will bond vitally with her, but also to his or her potential self as a warm, sensitive, autonomous, and “alive” sexual being.  As most of us know, nursing can bring on uterine contractions and it in some fortunate women, orgasms of their own, and if this arouses feelings of guilt in the Mom or she is genitally anxious, she will communicate this anxiety to the babe.  Resolving this schism, begun in infancy, is the area of treatment I specialize in.

I know this probably sounds like more than you bargained for with regards to simply nursing, but I will tell you why it is important.  If you will fast forward 30 years into the life of a babe that suffered a traumatic birth and did not receive the loving connection from the Mom through the aroused nipple you might be able to imagine that you are a fly on the wall in my medical clinic today.  You would see men and women cry with the pain and anguish of feeling abandoned, de-valued and despairing without being able to source out the cause.  If you watched one of my female patients mimic the sucking motion of the lips, you might gasp with wonder as they tell you they are experiencing the first genital sexual streamings (shivers of sexual yearnings) of their life.  One woman I treated actually had an orgasm!

Profound, I know, but it’s true that 80% of all emotional traumas are incurred before the age of 3 years of age.  All neurosis can be traced to blocked sexual energy.  The discharge never occurs.  We communicate so much more than just milk to our babies, in fact, most Moms will tell you that a babe suckles so very little in the way of volume that it is amazing to a lot of us that they even survive.  So, that that little bit of pus from the lymphatic system produced by the Mother on demand (milk is not actually stored in the breast) is enough to sustain a baby for up to 7 years if need be.

Rudolf Steiner recommends weaning a babe within the first 18 months of life, otherwise the babe will be subject to the Mother’s karmic baggage taking on such diseases as Cancer, Tuberculosis, Syphillis, etc. that may be coming down the family line.  Yes – these diseases still live within our genetic framework and can only be cured on the basis of the law of nature : like cures like.

Our babes actually need encouragement to healthfully separate from us so that they can begin their own journey to autonomy and freedom from us.  If all goes well, they should be packing up the George Foreman Grill and healthfully leaving for the frontier of their own lives by about age 21.  Most of us who’ve raised one of these sweet bundles of joy know that self-assertion starts as early as age 2 with a resounding “I do it!”  It is our job to pack in as much love and healthy intimacy with them between birth and the weekly hugs at 15.  It all starts with breast feeding!

We can celebrate this awesome adventure when we wholly cherish and nourish our babes with our whole labile, creative, loving and sensitive selves in the short time we’re offered this opportunity.  I recall the sadness I once felt coaching a new mom with inverted nipples and the Cancer state of mind.  Her breast did not display the vitalized, “alive” eagerness I’d seen in other Moms.  The babe was groggy for days after birth from the Oxytocin and I suggested she call in a La Leche league consultant.  They did eventually find their way, but it was a very tough go from the onset.   My hope is that we can resolve the issues now before that babe ends up in an office like mine 30 years from now.

Mr. Rogers was a Guru when it comes to knowing about Breastfeeding!

My friend and colleague, Helen Daniels, sent to me the most amazing video the other day. When I saw that it was originally aired on Mr. Rogers, I did a double take. It is one of the most beautiful depictions of mothers nursing their young that I have ever seen. I have had the pleasure of knowing a small number of healthy, natural women who are completely in flow, relaxed and at ease with nursing their babes. I have also been invited to help a small number of moms first latch their newborn in the initial stages of establishing nourishing wisdom. It is indeed an act of love, pleasure and intimacy!

It is fascinating to perceive the process of nursing from an Anthropological perspective (the study of Man) as therapeutically, we’re finding a huge link between the way a baby is nursed and the sad potential for neurotic behavior, including over-eating, later on in life.  Wilhelm Reich recognized that musculo-emotional armoring was much more profoundly entrenched in folks that had not wholly been held and nurtured by loving mothers and fathers.  I’ve treated a couple of foreign adopted babes who were bereft of attention and their little bodies were stiff and rigid even at the tender ages of 2 and 4.  It broke my heart!

I have worked with adults who suffer obesity and with Reich’s medical orgone therapy, we go back and re-enact “the crib scene” by having the patient lie down and reach out beseeching, imploring and crying for their mother.  It is interesting just how emotionally available this primal need is still active in the present.  There is absolutely no surprise to us to hear patients crying in pain, even in adulthood, at not having been held, heard or fed, except on a 3-4 hour schedule; a pathetic and sad oversight on the part of rigid educators for new parents in the 50s and 60s.  One woman I treated, cried out while clawing at the sheets that she is turning into an animal and could devour anything if she got it.  This is key to the oral block that causes her gluttonous behaviour today as when she does access food, she still can’t get enough.  Sad, but true for many.

Patients with swollen adenoids, chronic sore throats, abcesses, or thyroid issues are also suffering from blocked oral energy that needs to be addressed by a medical system which understands all the causes.  Chronic loquaciousness or “over-talking”, perhaps typical of your spouse, or mother-in-law, is just a symptomatic pattern often stemming from not being wholly heard, nourished or honoured in early childhood.  Unfortunately, most drugs or psychotherapeutics just palliate or suppress further this armoring that seemingly cements the orally blocked energy behind beliefs and patterns that just keep repeating themselves.  By exorcising – and believe me, it can feel like a spiritual exorcism at times – Reichian therapeutics (Medical Orgonomy) actually engaged the patient with the hidden but living content to be able to liberate the root cause.

Typical old fashioned talk therapy just further engages the patient with their intellect while they talk it all out.  This approach is limiting, as the patient and Clinician are wholly dependent on what the patient can recall of the past from memory. The intellect loves this, as it can only dwell in the past or project onto the future; it hates the present … especially the feeling.  The thing is that both patient and Clinician totally miss the proverbial boat as “the feeling” is the key to the release and remains locked behind the armoring and belief structure, never wholly liberated by all the yacking and intellectual looping.  In fact, the talk therapy is just prolonging the disease process and providing the illusion that content is being excavated, while both clinician and patient are seduced by the patterns of the past – they just end up going round and round “the feeling”, rarely causing a noticeable shift in the state of mind.  I know, because I treat a number of Psychotherapists!

As Heilkunstlers, we are typically able to dislodge the block in 3-4 visits with a combination of homeopathic medicine, regimen, and appropriate medical orgonomy techniques.  We bet Reich would be impressed with our results as he didn’t have homeopathic medicine at his disposal to cure the underlying disease states, or the capacity to simultaneously cleanse the bowel of all the unresolved … well … crap.  Yes, it is related!  We love that our therapeutics are nailing down this dimension for treatment; it is why we use the word “wholistic” to describe our clinic.  Where else can you go to get Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Psychotherapeutics all under one shingle?  Or even with one clinician who knows and cares for your healing welfare en route to your path to cure?

Natural Child Birth: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Photo by Raymond Bosma “New Born Jason” https://flic.kr/p/dX3YxU

Unfortunately, both of my children’s births were delivered under great duress. Jordan was extracted by an emergency C-section at 33 weeks gestation and Adie was born almost 2 weeks late during the Ice Storm of the Century in January of 1998! She was a scheduled C-section as I was “not supposed” to be able to sustain a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section ) due to the compromise in the muscles of my uterus. These experiences were very far from the hoped for Natural Child Birth I’d thought I’d signed up for.

When I went into labour with Adie at 4:00 a.m. on Jan. 9th, I took a window of opportunity and drove to the hospital. What I encountered was a state of confusion during this declared “State of Emergency” in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It was Ice Storm mayhem and I lucked out to have a trained nurse/midwife at my side who had actually slept the night before. Nurse Irene knew I was potentially slated for another c-section, but she and I both knew the OR was unavailable.

She lovingly looked me in the eyes and said, “this babe is going to come out the way nature intended, and we are going to do it together.” All of the the drugs (epidural), and all the men, were dispensed with and Nurse Irene and I brought Miss Adrienne Valerie Glatt into this world without a single push, 10 minutes after I had dilated 10 cm at 10 minutes past midnight. The experience was a perfect 10 after all!  I survived Natural Child Birth!

I never imagined that I could actually give birth, the way nature intended, and that it could be so painless and so easy. I had been using homeopathic remedies for months for first aid, including Arnica, Hypericum and Ledum and I still wonder if this made the marked difference in my experience. At the time, though, I didn’t know if I was helped by the remedies, but I did know that I’d never met any other women who had done this birthing thing without pain killers or an Obstetrician in the room.

My husband was so sick with a sinus infection that day, that Nurse Irene had declared him surplus and put him to sleep in a big lazy boy chair with a blanket and she and I went quietly to work to ride the tides of labor together. Adie’s Dad woke to see her beautiful head crown and her first breath. She was snuggled into my chest suckling within 10 minutes of her birth and I was in shock. I had done the unthinkable. I had given birth naturally. What a concept!

In an industry where the mortality rates of babes born in hospitals is alarmingly high, especially in the U.S. (Canada comes in a sad 2nd), and especially in babes of racial minorities, it can feel like we’re victims of a medical industry that does not wholly have our best interests, or our babies, at heart. The fact that we become patients in gowns and encouraged to use a wheel chair and lie in beds, just waiting for the time that is right to put us out of pain with an epidural is thankfully now becoming a thing of the past. Until recently, the options were not so great.

HypnoBirthing, Doulas, Water Births, Successful Breach Deliveries, and Mid-wives are all terms we women are championing as we take the fundamental right back to have our babes in the way that is most resonant and congruent for each one of us. If you have a minute, or two, to check out an awesome article in the Toronto Star where our dear friend, colleague and patient of Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, Helen Daniels, was excerpted regarding her remarkable birth experience, you may be blown away to see birthing being compared to having an orgasm! Good God, where do I sign up?!!!

In an article written by Jennifer Griebenow, on the safety of Hospital Births v.s. Home births, she is shocked to learn that, ” A study in the Netherlands done in 1986 on women who were having their first babies showed these results: out of 41,861 women who delivered in the hospital, the perinatal mortality rate was 20.2/1,000. Of 15,031 women who delivered at home with a trained midwife, the rate was 1.5/1,000 (Kitzinger 44).” She goes on to say, “I know, I thought it must be a typo too.”

Adventures in Natural Child Birth

Adventures in Natural Child Birth

Pretty soon, we’ll be walking up to the medical doctors and asking them, “Do you have any idea how risky it is for babes to be born in those antiseptic towers you work in? Have you seen the latest stats. on infant mortality of recent?” We’ve come a long way, Baby! And it is Moms like Helen Daniels who are providing us with the courage to do it very differently, our way. We are taking back our power and this time no one is going to be burnt at any stake!