Another Birth Time Line Story : Clearing Oxygen Deprivation

As I’ve written previously, children will often be easier to treat than adults for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that their behaviour and expression in life is usually more direct, and unfiltered. They act out exactly what they are feeling or thinking in a way that makes it very easy to identify a clearly matching remedy for their state of mind.

I had one child in treatment a few years ago, who, over the course of one summer, kept having ‘accidents’ which involved either strangulation or other forms of oxygen deprivation. Whether involving ways of play where she’d wrap things around her neck, but then they’d get too tight, or the more frightening moment when she fell into the family’s backyard pool (before she knew how to swim).  Why was this girl repeatedly having occurrences of oxygen deprivation?

As the mother described these events to me, I started to wonder why the child kept acting out this same type of trauma repeatedly. We re-examined the child’s time line, which had already been completely treated, or so we thought! When we re-examined the nature of the birth event for this girl’s time line, we realized that her birth had been treated as a normal birth, but that the Mother had forgotten to write down that she had been born blue, with the cord wrapped around her neck!

It was obvious, then, that this missing piece from the girl’s time line would be the next thing to clear with a time line remedy, as her life force was clearly driving her to re-enact this trauma, as the next blockage to be removed from her natural and healthy life function. Patients often worry that they might have forgotten to put something on their time line, but I always assure them that their life force will always indicate what it needs, whether through symptoms, behaviours, or occurents (events which happen ‘to’ us).

There are a great number of possible interventions in the modern birth event, and I’ve learned to explore the available information about a patient’s birth in every detail possible, in order not to overlook any possible aspect of the birth trauma that will need to be cleared. Even in a straightforward, easy, natural birth, the natural forces of compression on the head and spine are enough to warrant the basic “birth formula” of remedies which we start with, with just about every time line treatment.

An Eye-Opening Experience on Treating a Birth Event

I wrote yesterday about the treatment of a broken arm, and the consequences of that for the patient. I want to introduce a new concept today, based on a different patient’s reaction to the treatment of her first time line event.

This treatment involved addressing the recent birth of her daughter. It was a relatively straightforward birth, and the remedies I gave her for this time line event were the typical birth remedies (that is, birth from the mom’s perspective — birth from the baby’s perspective takes a different set of remedies).

When she returned for her first follow-up one month later, she brought a very visible excitement about her treatment, which hadn’t been present at her first visit. The living experience she had with her remedies the first month helped her to “get it”, as far as how treatment works, and what she could expect going forward. This is true with almost every patient — they may understand the concepts regarding how treatment works, but it is very difficult for a concept on its own to generate any type of warmth or excitement in the absence of an experience.

So, what was the living experience that this patient had from her first time line remedies? She told me that after completing the remedies, she had a very unusual moment of re-experiencing the sensations very similar to (but not as intense) as when she had gone into labour. Her eyes widened slightly as she described to me the sequence of sensations she felt as she went through the healing reaction from those remedies.

As with all healing reactions, what the life force pushes up to the surface represents some form of completion of a natural process, which for some reason had not originally occurred in a natural setting where it could be completed. The healing reactions to time line events, in one way or another, will push out a physical or emotional memory which was suppressed when it original occurred.

As I have experienced with many patients, it is at moments like this where they display a true desire to learn more about the treatment, and where we’re going to be going for the remainder of their treatment plan. The moment when rigid skepticism dies, and the patient gives birth to truly engaging with the process of their treatment, and expanding the possibilities of health for themselves.

Conscious Breastfeeding

I know this is going to sound odd, but most of us women don’t realize that breast feeding is actually a male-like function.  If you think about it, the aroused nipple is actually a miniature phallus seeking to penetrate the open lips of a baby seeking healthy penetration.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of nursing a baby as they curl their fingers around your breast, or your own finger, you can watch your babe become drowsier and drowsier as they seemingly get drunk on the warmth and love exchanged between mom and babe.  Some of you may have even noticed the babes cheeks suddenly quake and shake as they relax further into this nourishing exchange.  If they could speak, you might even hear them say, “I am safe, I am held, I am loved.”  This quaking in the cheeks is actually a facial orgasm!

As a dynamic Physician, I work with patients all the time whose needs were not met by their own mothers.  I have had clients who were force-fed as babes and toddlers, where a timer was rigidly set at the beginning of the meal.  One man told me he was instructed that he had 15 minutes to consume all of the food on his plate as a boy!  I’ve worked with obese folks who still have the feeling that if they don’t get all the food in at one sitting, they won’t have an opportunity to eat again.  I had one 300 lb. woman lie in her bed, raise up her arms in supplication and  begin to cry out the words “please feed me.”  As she cried, she began to claw at the sheets, she recognized that she must have been left in her crib and denied feedings.  She was furious.  In the 60’s and 70’s, some Pediatricians instructed parents that a babe should be nourished no more than once every 4 hours … by bottle, of course.  At the time, breast feeding was not in fashion.

Breast feeding has no rules.  Some babes may fuss for food every four hours around the clock, some cluster feed through the day, or evenings, and then sleep soundlessly though the night.  My own babe was premature, by 2 months, and he nursed every 1.5 hours day and night for the first 6 months.  At the time, I thought I was going to loose my sanity, but my job was not to question why, or listen to schedules or even other parents’ advice.  My job was to nourish Jordan as often as he felt he needed it.  He has grown into an amazing 15 year old teenager, almost 6 feet tall with size 12 feet, and he barely needs a weekly hug!  Some days, I’d secretly give a nickel to turn the clock back and share that level of intimacy with my beloved son.

Nursing, and nourishment, is hooked to our sexual organs.  Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, M.D., explains this phenomenon more thoroughly -“In the infant, contact with the environment is effected principally through the mouth, which at this time is a very highly charged, almost autonomous organ.  The mouth effects its own discharge of energy at its maximum point of intensity by means of a convulsive reaction which can appropriately be called the oral orgasm.  Many pediatricians, unaware of this, have made a diagnosis of infantile epilepsy when they observed this orgasm.”  What he is alluding to is that our babes use the breast to let go of pent up steam, or anxiety, through their mouths and if this capacity isn’t wholly nourished at this time, problems with food, sex and “saying” what’s on your mind can be affected later.

For babes who have good contact with a loving mother who is sensitive, warm and “alive”, the child will bond vitally with her, but also to his or her potential self as a warm, sensitive, autonomous, and “alive” sexual being.  As most of us know, nursing can bring on uterine contractions and it in some fortunate women, orgasms of their own, and if this arouses feelings of guilt in the Mom or she is genitally anxious, she will communicate this anxiety to the babe.  Resolving this schism, begun in infancy, is the area of treatment I specialize in.

I know this probably sounds like more than you bargained for with regards to simply nursing, but I will tell you why it is important.  If you will fast forward 30 years into the life of a babe that suffered a traumatic birth and did not receive the loving connection from the Mom through the aroused nipple you might be able to imagine that you are a fly on the wall in my medical clinic today.  You would see men and women cry with the pain and anguish of feeling abandoned, de-valued and despairing without being able to source out the cause.  If you watched one of my female patients mimic the sucking motion of the lips, you might gasp with wonder as they tell you they are experiencing the first genital sexual streamings (shivers of sexual yearnings) of their life.  One woman I treated actually had an orgasm!

Profound, I know, but it’s true that 80% of all emotional traumas are incurred before the age of 3 years of age.  All neurosis can be traced to blocked sexual energy.  The discharge never occurs.  We communicate so much more than just milk to our babies, in fact, most Moms will tell you that a babe suckles so very little in the way of volume that it is amazing to a lot of us that they even survive.  So, that that little bit of pus from the lymphatic system produced by the Mother on demand (milk is not actually stored in the breast) is enough to sustain a baby for up to 7 years if need be.

Rudolf Steiner recommends weaning a babe within the first 18 months of life, otherwise the babe will be subject to the Mother’s karmic baggage taking on such diseases as Cancer, Tuberculosis, Syphillis, etc. that may be coming down the family line.  Yes – these diseases still live within our genetic framework and can only be cured on the basis of the law of nature : like cures like.

Our babes actually need encouragement to healthfully separate from us so that they can begin their own journey to autonomy and freedom from us.  If all goes well, they should be packing up the George Foreman Grill and healthfully leaving for the frontier of their own lives by about age 21.  Most of us who’ve raised one of these sweet bundles of joy know that self-assertion starts as early as age 2 with a resounding “I do it!”  It is our job to pack in as much love and healthy intimacy with them between birth and the weekly hugs at 15.  It all starts with breast feeding!

We can celebrate this awesome adventure when we wholly cherish and nourish our babes with our whole labile, creative, loving and sensitive selves in the short time we’re offered this opportunity.  I recall the sadness I once felt coaching a new mom with inverted nipples and the Cancer state of mind.  Her breast did not display the vitalized, “alive” eagerness I’d seen in other Moms.  The babe was groggy for days after birth from the Oxytocin and I suggested she call in a La Leche league consultant.  They did eventually find their way, but it was a very tough go from the onset.   My hope is that we can resolve the issues now before that babe ends up in an office like mine 30 years from now.

Natural Child Birth: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Photo by Raymond Bosma “New Born Jason”

Unfortunately, both of my children’s births were delivered under great duress. Jordan was extracted by an emergency C-section at 33 weeks gestation and Adie was born almost 2 weeks late during the Ice Storm of the Century in January of 1998! She was a scheduled C-section as I was “not supposed” to be able to sustain a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section ) due to the compromise in the muscles of my uterus. These experiences were very far from the hoped for Natural Child Birth I’d thought I’d signed up for.

When I went into labour with Adie at 4:00 a.m. on Jan. 9th, I took a window of opportunity and drove to the hospital. What I encountered was a state of confusion during this declared “State of Emergency” in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It was Ice Storm mayhem and I lucked out to have a trained nurse/midwife at my side who had actually slept the night before. Nurse Irene knew I was potentially slated for another c-section, but she and I both knew the OR was unavailable.

She lovingly looked me in the eyes and said, “this babe is going to come out the way nature intended, and we are going to do it together.” All of the the drugs (epidural), and all the men, were dispensed with and Nurse Irene and I brought Miss Adrienne Valerie Glatt into this world without a single push, 10 minutes after I had dilated 10 cm at 10 minutes past midnight. The experience was a perfect 10 after all!  I survived Natural Child Birth!

I never imagined that I could actually give birth, the way nature intended, and that it could be so painless and so easy. I had been using homeopathic remedies for months for first aid, including Arnica, Hypericum and Ledum and I still wonder if this made the marked difference in my experience. At the time, though, I didn’t know if I was helped by the remedies, but I did know that I’d never met any other women who had done this birthing thing without pain killers or an Obstetrician in the room.

My husband was so sick with a sinus infection that day, that Nurse Irene had declared him surplus and put him to sleep in a big lazy boy chair with a blanket and she and I went quietly to work to ride the tides of labor together. Adie’s Dad woke to see her beautiful head crown and her first breath. She was snuggled into my chest suckling within 10 minutes of her birth and I was in shock. I had done the unthinkable. I had given birth naturally. What a concept!

In an industry where the mortality rates of babes born in hospitals is alarmingly high, especially in the U.S. (Canada comes in a sad 2nd), and especially in babes of racial minorities, it can feel like we’re victims of a medical industry that does not wholly have our best interests, or our babies, at heart. The fact that we become patients in gowns and encouraged to use a wheel chair and lie in beds, just waiting for the time that is right to put us out of pain with an epidural is thankfully now becoming a thing of the past. Until recently, the options were not so great.

HypnoBirthing, Doulas, Water Births, Successful Breach Deliveries, and Mid-wives are all terms we women are championing as we take the fundamental right back to have our babes in the way that is most resonant and congruent for each one of us. If you have a minute, or two, to check out an awesome article in the Toronto Star where our dear friend, colleague and patient of Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, Helen Daniels, was excerpted regarding her remarkable birth experience, you may be blown away to see birthing being compared to having an orgasm! Good God, where do I sign up?!!!

In an article written by Jennifer Griebenow, on the safety of Hospital Births v.s. Home births, she is shocked to learn that, ” A study in the Netherlands done in 1986 on women who were having their first babies showed these results: out of 41,861 women who delivered in the hospital, the perinatal mortality rate was 20.2/1,000. Of 15,031 women who delivered at home with a trained midwife, the rate was 1.5/1,000 (Kitzinger 44).” She goes on to say, “I know, I thought it must be a typo too.”

Adventures in Natural Child Birth

Adventures in Natural Child Birth

Pretty soon, we’ll be walking up to the medical doctors and asking them, “Do you have any idea how risky it is for babes to be born in those antiseptic towers you work in? Have you seen the latest stats. on infant mortality of recent?” We’ve come a long way, Baby! And it is Moms like Helen Daniels who are providing us with the courage to do it very differently, our way. We are taking back our power and this time no one is going to be burnt at any stake!

Pregnancy and Heilkunst Medicine

I was once consulted by a local Midwife who wanted me to help her create a kit of remedies to use for her patients going through labor and delivery. I made some combinations of remedies to help with scenarios like helping the Mother to fully dilate and for helping to turn a breach baby.  She also asked me if I had a particular remedy that could take all of the patient’s emotional traumas from childhood and “shelve” them on the day of labor and delivery. She cited that this is the biggest caveat to a successful birth. She knew that the body, mind and spirit knows precisely what to do, but the unresolved grief, fear, anger, guilt and resentment are the biggest blocks to allowing labor to unfold easily without inordinate pain and discomfort.

I replied saying that I did know of a panacea in one bottle, but that it was the treatment of these unresolved childhood traumas that I treat every day through Heilkunst medicine in my Clinic. However, ideally this tour to health and well-being would have to be started well before labor and delivery began. It is interesting that I’ve treated a number of women who had very difficult births, started Heilkunst treatment, and then had another baby without difficulty or significant pain. I was also one of these women.

My son Jordan was a night-marish 2 months early, delivered by emergency C-section at 4 lbs. 6 oz. with a heart rate over 200 beats per minute. Afterwards, I developed such a horrible infection in my wound, I was put on 9 different antibiotics that did nothing to address the root cause. The whole miserable story is captured in my book The Path To Cure, The Whole Art of Healing Autism. My daughter Adie, alternatively, was slightly beyond full-term, a whopping 7 lbs. and some, and was delivered vaginally after 10 minutes of being fully dilated. It happened so easily and quickly, I likened it to an elephant stepping on a tube of toothpaste. I was barely involved at all as my body took on what seemed like an “other-wordly” capacity. Both experiences taught me of the importance of this principled system of medicine for the health of Mom and babe.

So while we can do a great job treating morning sickness, toxemia, pregnancy-induced diabetes, preeclampsia, edema and pregnancy-induced hypertension, it is best if the root cause can be sourced out and treated before the babe is even a twinkle in your eye. The reason being is that allopathic treatment will only try to manage these conditions and they don’t recognize the deeper cause or how to cure it outright. These issues are showing up for a reason and the state of being pregnant has just sent an invitation to a Genetic Miasm (genetic predisposition, handed down your family line which are the root causes for chronic disease) to start exhibiting symptoms. It is important to note that your babe will carry them too if not treated on the basis of law and they aren’t just symptoms isolated to your pregnancy, they will generally rear their ugly little heads in future, too. For example, Diabetes is anchored to the Cancer Miasm.

While Homeopathic remedies can be prescribed on the basis of law for a variety of scenarios like a placenta that isn’t easily shed, or for the opposite condition which postpartum hemmorrhage. It is less likely these issues will be met with at all if we can treat the predisposition for “hanging on” to stuff that doesn’t serve you. Unresolved grief hangs onto to everything from their tears, to stool (suffering constipation), to cramps with their menstruation and even the holding back of the placenta. Unresolved anger will often suffer the opposite making hemmorrhage more common. You may also see symptoms such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or menorhaggia (heavy bleeding). Once you know the cause, the root can easily be dealt with and lifted out, however, en route to the delivery room or bearing down in your boudoir is not the best time to deal with it. My friend, the Midwife is right!

At Arcanum, we also lovingly treat babes in utero and as early as an hour old without any risk of causing an ounce of harm. Issues, like the cord wrapped around the neck may present with symptoms for oxygen deprivation later on. I have seen babes who have suffered this trauma present with a series of occurents such as falling into the swimming pool (cessation of breath in an amniotic-like environment) and the repeated wrapping of cords, and skipping ropes, around their necks until the parents become appalled with curiosity. Once we’ve treated this original event on the timeline, the occurrents generally stop. Cool huh?

I’ve also treated twins who fought for pole position to get out of the womb which affected the dynamic of their relationship throughout both their childhoods growing up. When we treated for their birth traumas, their difficult relationship became more synergistic and empathetic. I was amazed as I have had the pleasure of treating 3 sets of twins and have seen consistent emotional resolution after treating their birth trauma. Their karmically mirrored souls seem more able to move forward without hobbling each other with who is the prettier, smarter, or faster.

We can also clear out the drugs from Oxytocin to a surgical C-section so that they don’t clog up the works or create enough stress in the liver to spark symptoms for the Mom or the babe. We’ve also been known to treat stressed out Dads before, during and after pregnancy and delivery. They also go through so much during this huge eventful time of life. My poor husband included. He was still so traumatized from our first babe’s birth, he was holding the feeling that the 2nd babe would not survive. I still hurt for him. He carried this through the whole pregnancy and delivery without telling me.

All this to say, we love treating Moms, babes and families in general. These folk are our perfect clients. I guess that is because we can so relate on a variety of levels as we’ve taken our own journey through to the path to cure.