“I Like Your Happiness!”

Patriarchy can attempt to divide us; however, I know for a fact that folks can not be so easily broken apart by walls and borders. We’re lovers of the international state of mind.

I’m thinking of the Airbnb couple in Victoria, BC, who took us to brunch and wanted to know more about what we do here at Arcanum. I’m thinking of the woman who cut my hair in Guanajuato, MX, who hugged and kissed me as I left her shop because we’d become instant friends in an hour.

I’m thinking of the young fellow at the MacStore in León, MX, who said, “I like your happiness” and hugged both of us and took our pictures for their Customers Of The Month wall. I’m thinking of the couple in Cottonwood, CA, who worked in medicine and shared pictures of their beautiful children before making us breakfast at their Airbnb. She also shared her magnificent permaculture garden and koi-filled ponds so I could take pictures. I gave remedies to their dog and did some Bowen on his sore hip, and he was feeling fine by the next morning.

Jessica and Rosie, our lovely Airbnb hosts. She is into permaculture, mom of five grown kids, and an aquafit instructor. We loved her!

I’m thinking of the cab driver in Guanajuato, MX, who told me that my Spanish is excellent and to keep practicing as my best education is out talking with people like him. I’m thinking of the couple in San Diego, CA, who rescue exotic birds and rehabilitate them out of the goodness of their hearts. I’m thinking of the mother and son in Eureka, CA, who run an Airbnb and also take in elderly folk who can’t afford nursing homes and how we all ate breakfast in their living room and laughed at the news on the big screen TV.

I’m thinking of how quickly folks rush in to help give us directions, help us with translation, and just simply make our lives easier all of the time. My heart is swollen to her brim with all these experiences and nothing in the news or television can erase what I know is the steeped kindness of others. Their wide, open smiles and caring eyes swim in my veins.

Put the remote down, shut the lid of your computer, and go on a walk-about to far off places that you’ve never been to before. Perhaps study a new language on Duolingo so that you can communicate better. You’ll no doubt find what we’ve found in our travels to be true; love and human kindness is a thing, and it prevails beyond borders and walls. It is something you can lean into and allow yourself to be carried along with for awhile. It’s what is going on all around the world in everyday lives.


The Symptoms Of Lyme … and no, you don’t need to be bit by a tick to suffer


About 15 years ago, after patients had cleared Syphillis, other mysterious symptoms started being consistently illuminated.  Backache, lymph-node swelling, kidney affectations and flu-like symptoms were coming up in small group of patients.  It was Dr. Sankaran, I believe, who’d written that after Syph. is addressed, look for symptoms of Lyme.  The Genetic Miasms are not directly stemming from direct sexual transmission or even a bite from a tick anymore, however, as a function of human evolution, the disease is showing up in our inner milieux as just one more hoop to be jumped before we can know our human freedom.

Imagine, my surprise then, when I recently noticed that my back wasn’t just aching due to my nordic walking routine.  I was inordinately tired, which is not something that I typically experience.  I had a lot of heat in my kidneys and I just felt a general malaise and irritability.  Over the last 10 days, I’ve constantly felt like I did when I was a kid, with a kidney infection coming on.  My hands were also slightly vibrating, like my central nervous system was on overload.  Yesterday, I went pale as a sheet and had to go lie down while in a clinic meeting.  When I got back up, Jeff and I looked at each other and at the same time spoke the word, “Lyme.”

It’s a physical and mental shape shifter as Jeff wrote about here.  He actually experienced it’s surprising effects 3 years ago and wrote about his mental sufferings with this disease matrix himself here.  We’ve even cured dogs of it where it was clearly showing up after a tick bite in their kidneys.   We treat it the same as we do any other Miasmic Disease, on the sound basis of law, like cures like as illustrated here.

Here’s a further romp into this disease matrix as per an article I found in the New York Times:


  • Stage 1 . In the majority of cases, the first sign of early Lyme disease is the appearance of a bull’s-eye skin rash. It usually develops about 1 – 2 weeks after the bite, although it may appear as soon as 3 days, and as late as 1 month. In some cases, it is never detected. Flu-like symptoms (joint aches, fever, and general fatigue) commonly develop.
  • Stage 2 . Untreated, the infection spreads through the bloodstream and lymph nodes within days to weeks, involving the joints, nervous system, and possibly the heart. Multiple rashes may erupt in other places. If the infection affects the nervous system in stage 2, it most often causes weakness or paralysis in the nerves of the face (Bell’s palsy) or in nerves of the spine.
  • Stage 3 . If the disease remains untreated, a persistent infection can occur after a few weeks or months, leading to prolonged bouts of arthritis and neurologic problems, such as concentration problems or personality changes. Fatigue is a prominent feature of both early and late stages.


The bull’s-eye skin rash, known as erythema migrans (ECM), usually first appears on the thigh, buttock, or trunk in older children and adults, and on the head or neck in young children.

The bull’s eye rash, which is considered the classic sign of Lyme disease, may take the following course:

  • It can first appear as a pimple-like spot, which expands over the next few days into a purplish circle. The circle may reach up to 6 inches in diameter with a deeper red rim. In some cases the ring is incomplete, forming an arc rather than a full circle.
  • The center of the rash often clears or may turn bluish. Or secondary concentric rings may develop within the original ring, creating the bull’s-eye pattern. Over the next several weeks, the circular rash may grow to as large as 20 inches across.
  • Patients often describe the sensation of the rash as burning rather than itching.

Up to 20% of people infected with Lyme disease do not exhibit the rash. On dark-skinned people, the rash may resemble a bruise. In most patients, any rash fades completely after 3 – 4 weeks, although secondary rashes may appear during the later stages of disease.


A flu-like condition is the most common sign of Lyme infection, and it can occur with or without a rash. Symptoms can last from 5 – 21 days and may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Chills and fever (100 – 103 °F)
  • Headache (usually most prominent at the back of the head)
  • Joint aches (usually in the large joints)
  • Stiff neck
  • Backache
  • Swollen glands (in the area around the tick bite or elsewhere)
  • Less often, nausea, vomiting, and sore throat occur


Joint pain can arise at the same time as the skin rash. In early stages of Lyme disease, patients may experience migratory pain in joints, muscles, and tendons. In the later stages of the disease, arthritis may develop in one or two large joints such as the knee, elbow, or shoulder. (Knees are usually affected most.)


Common Neurologic Symptoms. Neurologic symptoms can first appear while the initial skin rash is still present or within 6 weeks after its disappearance. Sometimes they are the first symptoms that the patient experiences, but sometimes they may not occur until many months after the tick bite. The most common neurologic symptoms include headaches, sleep problems, and mood disturbance. Memory problems can also occur, as well as nerve damage in arms and legs. Neurologic symptoms typically improve or resolve within a few weeks or months, even in untreated patients.

Bell’s Palsy. In some patients, the facial nerve is affected, which results in Bell’s palsy. This is a sudden weakness and drooping of the facial muscles and eyelid on one side of the face. Nerves around the facial area may also cause numbness, dizziness, double vision, and hearing changes.

Symptoms of Meningitis. Meningitis can occur if the infection takes place in the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord (the meninges). This can cause:

  • Episodes of headache not relieved by over-the-counter medication
  • Mild stiff neck
  • Sensitivity to light

Symptoms of Lyme Encephalopathy. In some cases of untreated disease, the infection causes a condition called Lyme encephalopathy or neuroborreliosis . This causes the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained mood changes
  • Depression
  • Trouble concentration and remembering
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of “pins and needles” or numbness in the arms or legs


Heart symptoms, such as an irregular heartbeat, may develop several weeks after infection, but this is not very common. In rare cases, Lyme disease may cause eye inflammation (conjunctivitis).

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/health/guides/disease/lyme-disease/print.html


You Can See It In Their Eyes: How Heilkunst Addresses Herpes Virus in 3 Kitties



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Three Cats and FHV-1

When I brought my new cat, Sugar, home I noticed that he seemed to have some type of sinus infection along with runny eyes.  He had initially been examined by a vet at the shelter and was given a clean bill of health.  

In a follow-up examination with my own vet nothing was mentioned so I just put it down to stress from being in a new environment.  I soon started to notice though that my two other cats, Tiger and Skippy, began to have runny eyes as well.  It wasn’t until Tiger, my oldest, began sneezing violently, expelling lots of mucus and losing weight that I knew something was wrong.  

I did some internet research on feline upper respiratory tract infections and found the most likely cause, Feline Herpes Virus-1, which often tends to go undiagnosed and can be fatal.  All of the symptoms fit and it is especially known to affect kittens and older cats.  

I gave all three cats FHV-1 (homeopathically) in ascending potencies over 4 days (with Allium cepa added for Tiger).  Within just a few days: the sparkle was back in Tiger’s eyes; he was sneezing less and expelling less mucus; and he began to gain weight.  Sugar and Skippy’s eyes have cleared up and they are as healthy as ever.


Neil McKinney, Ottawa ON

DHHP, Heilkünstler


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This is why the Heilkunst approach is so effective: all aspects of the whole being and their environment are considered in their treatment.
















“A very important aspect of this book is the discussion on how our own mental and physical state affects our pet’s health. We have all witnessed a pet’s ability to empathize. My rather large English Bull Terrier was famous for cuddling up (preferably on your lap) when a family member was upset. But what we need to understand is that their response to our well being goes beyond transitory sympathy. The actual depth to which they take on our issues is truly astonishing, potentially leading to their failing health, and must be addressed if we are to give our pets the best opportunity for health and vitality.


This is why the Heilkunst approach is so effective: all aspects of the whole being and their environment are considered in their treatment. Having worked in health care for many years, I know I cannot effectively provide lasting relief to someone by isolating one aspect of their life (e.g. pain) from another (e.g. emotions). The disconnect leaves too much room for the presenting problem to recur. The Heilkunst approach understands and addresses this vital synergistic connection so that the patient, whether human or furry, can flourish.”



Catherine J. M. Diodati, B.A., M.A., R.M.P.

Author: Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health

Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats: What Every Pet Lover Should Know






Sugar’s Cure; How One Pup Resolves With Heilkunst From A Close Call









“Eight months ago on new years eve we took our miniature poodle to the vet as she had gradually been losing weight and got so weak she could barely walk.

To our shock after several tests the diagnosis was grim, no white blood cells were being produced so they suggested to keep her and put her down.

We refused to give up on Sugar who was just 6 yrs old so were handed a fist full of prescriptions.  We tried them but they seemed to just speed her up for a bit then she would sink lower yet again.

We decided to take her off the drugs and try a homeopathy approach with Ally at Arcanum and let nature take its course.

At one point we were certain she was gone but then the next day she coughed up a huge hairball the size of a hotdog.

Over the next days and weeks she regained her weight as we nursed her back to health with iron rich foods and TLC

As you can see in this recent photo she is now good as new. I am so grateful to have Arcanum Homeopathy as a natural alternative that supports the health of my family including the furry ones!”



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Rosie The Dog Speaks; How We Resolve Lyme and Peeing Issues In Our Canine Patients











“In 2012 my eight year old Rottweiler, Rosie, got Lyme disease; I had had a vet remove the infecting tick and they had sent it away for testing. I didn’t want to just put my dog on drugs to manage the symptoms which they said would involve Rosie’s kidneys.
Also that year Rosie had to have porcupine quills removed at the vet and the anesthetic which should have worn off in a few hours kept her stupefied, laying on the kitchen floor for twelve hours. Rosie in her inability to move let loose a full bladder and just lay in it since I couldn’t move her and her ninety pounds.
I didn’t know what else to do for her until I met Allyson last winter 2014 and happened to mention that my dog had become incontinent.
Before Allyson started treating Rosie, I had noticed that my dog had started peeing more often and throughout the winter I could see pink drops in her urine. Later she would try to pee outside and squat a dozen times trying to relieve her bladder. She was also wetting her dog bed everynight.
My dog also had lost her zeal for walks and I had to coax her along on a leash even for a walk of less than a kilometre.

Allyson told me that Rosie’s peeing would probably get worse before it got better.  One day on a six km walk this summer, Rosie’s energy level having returned for exercise, she let out a pee that was mostly blood. Even though it was alarming to see what looked like an ounce or two of blood and pee coming from her, Rosie seemed happy and healthy; she didn’t look in pain or wince as if it had bothered her. She just kept on with the walk as if nothing had happened. After that I didn’t have to clean up another piddle in the house or wash her bedding every night anymore.
It’s been over a month now and friends who haven’t seen Rosie since the winter have commented that she looks and acts like a new dog  Not bad for a ten year old.

Thanks, Allyson, for your skill and care with animals.”

Kim White and Rosie


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Animals and Heilkunst

A number of years ago, I served a patient who was very concerned about her beloved dog.  He had developed inflammation in his right rear knee and she didn’t want to take him to the veterinarian for more steroid shots or medication as it was producing iatrogenic complications due to the negative side effects.  It was interesting as my patient’s right knee was also something that she’d come into our Clinic to be treated for and was in the throes of resolving through Heilkunst Treatment.  The underlying cause, of course, was the same for both of them.  Both owner and dog are without restriction and inflammation 5 years later at this writing.  I followed the same principles of Heilkunst Medicine for her dog as I did for her.

Around about the same time, another patient came to me as her dog had a hardened cyst on his genitals.  He was a show-dog and she wanted to see if we could address this issue in tandem to the cysts we’d shrunk on her ovaries.  When she’d first come to see me, her cysts were the size of golf balls and at the time, they were more like the size of a pea.  Again, the issues for both the owner and her dog resolved after we treated the issues both for the pathic expression and tonically for the root cause for both of them.

More recently, I’ve been treating a patient’s horses for events on both of their timelines where the animals have “Never Been Well Since” (NBWS).  One suffered iatrogenesis (Dr. induced disease) after a vaccination and the other developed an issue where the horse ended up with baler twine wrapped around it’s neck to the point of near suffocation.  I’m pleased to say that, as a result, both of these animals are doing well with their timeline treatment.  Out of a sense of duty and also knowing that the root cause is similar to their human’s dynamic I felt compelled to treat her horses.  Doing nothing was beyond the scope of my imagination.

Having studied the relationship between man and beast over the last 17 years, I’ve decided to open up this aspect of my practice to include animals.  To be clear, I’m not a Veterinarian of any kind, however, after owning my own farm for several years, having my horses, sheep, cats and dog treated with success solely using these principles I can champion the positive effect on 36 my own animals over 7 years, in addition to the others that I’ve served.  In that time, I’ve successfully treated a great variety of ailments both acute and chronic ailments.

Thankfully, I’ve also been mentored and guided by Heilkunst Practitioners schooled in the treatment of animals, as well as more Holistically trained Veterinarians, while at the same time, treating other patient’s animals for their chronic diseases over the past 9 years.  At this juncture, I feel ready to take this aspect of Heilkunst treatment on more formally at present of course keeping in mind the appropriate jurisdiction.  I also have a small group of colleagues who’ve offered to mentor me in case I should need a leg up so to speak.

Here are some pictures of our Heilkunst treated animals (and humans!):

Terra, our Samoyed, with Adie.

Oliver, our barn cat, who lived in the house!

My favored kitty, Smokey, in the Calendula.

Lilly-iam with Adie, after it was discovered he was a boy duck!

Snowbeast, our phenomenal Banty rooster.

Myrna and her baby, Aphrodite

(the latter broke her front leg which I set and treated with homeopathic rx).

Our 3 year-old Morgan filly, Baby, with our daughter Adie.

Our 27 year old Appaloosa, Teddy, and Baby with Adie and our trainer, Emily.

Three baby goats, Carmie, Maple and Sera, which I’ve treated over the last several years on my best friend’s farm, with our son, Jordan.

At this juncture, you may be asking why a person’s illness matrix will show up in their dog, cat  or their horse?  Thankfully this question has already been addressed by my colleague Jeff who wrote this blog on Ceasar Milan’s work as a Dog Whisperer.  You can read his blog here.  The one I wrote, on the same subject in 2008, is also available, which should give you another  perspective on the same reasoning behind why our animals participate our human diseases.  You can read my other blog article here.

As a result, of the intrinsic dynamic between human and animal, I will only be treating the animal of patients already being treated by Heilkunst.  Based on the links above to Caesar’s work on the owner’s character structure, also realizing that the animals in our care are just a mirror of our unresolved issues.  There really is no point in treating an animal in a vacuum without it’s owner.  Like a patient who may just want their child treated using the principles of this system of medicine, the child will reach his/her limitation based on the parent’s health and well-being as we go through the process of peeling their onion with timeline therapy.  If there is a stricture in the parent’s disease matrix, the child can not move beyond this place in their own treatment, without risk of the re-infection of the state of mind.  Until all the players are addressing the root cause of their ills using principled medicine the case will be mired …  the same is true for the animal in their care.