Is MTHFR Linked to Autism and Tongue Tie?

Many patients ask me about the MTHFR gene and how it relates to their child’s autism or even their babe’s tongue tie. MTHFR is only a small fraction of a much greater puzzle that relates to methylation. It can’t be looked at in isolation as there are other contributing factors, such as Genetic Miasms coming down the family line, as well as traumatic timeline events and environmental factors (ie. vaccines, glyphosate, birth control, dental composites, emotional traumas, etc.).

Even if you do a test to check for confounders, you’re only grabbing a snapshot in time. We’re constantly changing. We’re subject to exposome and epigenetic influences all the time.

While it’s good to avoid all processed foods, synthetic vitamins, get enough exercise, drink lots of fresh, pH balanced water, sleep well, address the 8 Genetic Miasms (including the one that mostly contributed to MTHER), the root cause is still at large until you dynamically address all the factors mentioned above wholistically.

Is MTHFR linked to autism and issues like tongue tie? Yes, but so are COMT, TBX22, and other genes. While you may take enough folate or methylfolate during pregnancy, you can’t just micromanage your way around this with supplements. The answers lie in your whole health, and while choline is far more important for preventing neural tube defects and is preferred over taking folate supplements, this kind of tinkering won’t wholly shift the roots of your genetic predisposition.

Why not address the whole of your health, on the law of similars, so that you couldn’t possibly host a babe with issues?  We go beyond diet and supplements, without causing an ounce of harm.

“My Kids Are Vaccinated And They Are Fine.”

We posted this meme on Arcanum’s Facebook Page a few weeks back and got a number of replies that we thought we should address with a slightly longer post.

One follower of our page wondered, “Do we know why it (vaccines) impacts some children more/differently than others?” This was my answer:

“It’s dynamic. Health of parents (microbiome, minerals, cellular health),  Genetic Miasms (inherited predisposition), exposure to toxins (Ibuprofen, Glyphosate, heavy metals, vaccines, etc.). We find the causes for that individual when we peel off the sequential layers of the traumatic timeline homeopathically. Like a geological dig, you get to see what’s restored to health after each shock and block is released.”

Every Kid Vaccinated Is Damaged To Some Degree

Dr. Andrew Moulden said that every child vaccinated is vaccine damaged. His research showed a wide range of modern neurodevelopmental diseases. He explained how numerous illnesses can actually have multiple triggers. These chronic issues are actually part of a common syndrome that folks are tying together because they mostly don’t know what they’re looking for.

Dr. Moulden spoke a lot to facial anomalies that occur at the moment the child gets the shot given the shock, lack of oxygen and the nature of the chemical toxicity. He cited that Mercury is a highly toxic substance that affects MASS reactions and zeta. Thus, we should be concerned about mercury that is used in dental fillings, mercury in food, and mercury in vaccines.

“He showed how learning disabilities, autism, Alzheimer’s, irritable bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, colitis, food allergies, shaken baby syndrome, sudden infant death, idiopathic seizure disorders, Gulf War syndrome, Gardasil adverse reactions, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, expressive aphasia, impaired speech skills, attention deficit disorders, silent ischemic strokes, blood clots, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, Parkinson’s disease, and other modern neurodevelopmental disorders are all connected.”

Michelle Goldstein, a mother and researcher cited that her daughter contracted Crohn’s disease after an HPV Vaccine, “It took many years and countless consultations with integrative, holistic physicians before I recognized the link between the HPV vaccination and my daughter’s illness. To be honest, there was only one holistic physician, who specialized in autism, who helped us make this connection. The many others, including a certified functional medicine doctor, failed to connect these two events.

I now believe wholeheartedly that the HPV vaccine and my daughter’s development of a life-threatening autoimmune disorder was no coincidence. Of course, the majority of doctors will claim illnesses and vaccines are not connected in any way. This is part of their education and training as physicians.”

In 1986, Congress officially acknowledged the reality of vaccine-caused injuries and death by creating and passing The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public Law 99-660). The safety reform portion of this law requires doctors to provide parents with information about the benefits and risks of childhood vaccines prior to vaccination, and to report vaccine reactions to federal health officials.

Doctors are required by law to report suspected cases of vaccine damage. To simplify and centralize this legal requisite, federal health officials established the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — operated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ideally, doctors would abide by this federal law and report adverse events following the administration of a vaccine. However, the FDA recently acknowledged that 90 percent of doctors do not report vaccine reactions.

How Many Kids Are We Talking About?

They are choosing to subvert this law by claiming the adverse event was, in their opinion, not related to the vaccine. In fact, every year more than 25,000 reports of adverse reactions to vaccines are filed with the federal government (data initially accessible only through the Freedom of Information Act).

These figures include hospitalizations, irreversible brain damage, and hundreds of deaths. Considering that these numbers may represent just 10 percent, the true figures could be as high as 250,000 adverse events annually. Yes, you read that statistic correctly. However, even this figure could be conservative.

According to Dr. David Kessler, former head of the Food and Drug Administration, “Only about 1 percent of serious events [adverse drug reactions] are reported to the FDA.” Thus, it is entirely possible that millions of people are adversely affected by mandatory vaccines every year.

I was one of those mothers whose family doctor claimed that my son’s screaming around the clock for the first six months of his life was just normal. “Babies cry,” they said. I was so numb with exhaustion and hadn’t had a baby before so didn’t know that sleeping for only 20 – 30 minutes a few times in a 24 hour period wasn’t normal.

I also didn’t know that losing all eye contact and speech after the MMR shot also wasn’t a coincidence. His gut issues, suffering constipation so severe that he only passed stool every 1-2 weeks and had to be put under general anesthetic to remove the impacted stool manually was also chocked up to coincidence as well. He was weak, sickly and failing to thrive. You can listen to Jordan’s story for free here:

It was only after I had my daughter who was Vaccine Free that I realized that I’d been very seriously duped. Alternatively, she slept several hours in the day and 10-12 hours at night shortly after birth. She also never had the need for Tylenol or Antibiotics until she was eleven and then not again until once in her late teens. Her health has been just that robust.

John Thomas wrote, “Believe it or not, babies used to be easy to manage with the exception perhaps of when they were sick. Blood curdling screams were very rare. Crying for hour after hour with no apparent cause, being listless, failing to grow and mature on schedule were unusual. Today when these kinds of symptoms happen, parents are just told that your son or daughter will grow out of it — you don’t have to worry.”

One of the more surprising realizations when you start to do your due diligence is that the CDC is in the business of pushing vaccines, yet the brain damage vaccines can cause is admitted and disclosed right there before your eyes on the CDC web site. If a doctor, public health official or anybody else tells you vaccines are perfectly safe – they are either misinformed or lying. Tell them to read the CDC web site.

Case Example

Vicki Batts writes in her article about how parents of vaccine damaged kids are being bullied into silence,

“In 1993, the Marchant family’s 14-month-old daughter received what was supposed to be just a regular MMR vaccine. Before receiving her vaccination, baby Jodie said, “Love you!” to her dad in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Everything seemed to be going okay — until Mr. Marchant heard his child scream.

As they would later learn, though they thought their child was being given a standard MMR vaccine, this was not the case. In fact, it turned out their child was given an untested 8-in-1 vaccine illegally — a vaccine that would permanently damage their perfectly healthy baby.

After taking their baby girl, Jodie, home from her vaccination appointment, her parents noticed she was shivering, shaking, screaming and running a fever. Like any parent would, the Marchants consulted with a doctor immediately. The doctor insisted Jodie was just suffering from a virus and there was nothing to worry about. Sadly, this would instead become the day Jodie was left permanently disabled, never again to be her normal self.

Jodie began suffering from seizures, incontinence of both bowels and bladder, and acid reflux. She also lost the ability to speak, stopped walking and no longer made eye contact. Jodie suffered with near-constant pain and was inconsolable. And with growing numbers of vaccine-damaged children being reported (and then swept under the rug), doctors merely diagnosed Jodie with autism.

In 1998, however, Jodie was being treated at Royal Free Hospital and doctors finally began to realize that Jodie was not like other children. Pediatric gastroenterologist Professor John Walker-Smith agreed to help the Marchant family and soon uncovered the truth: Jodie was not given an ordinary MMR vaccine. Later that year, Dr. Paul Shattock analyzed a urine sample from Jodie and told her parents that there must have been something else mixed into her vaccine.

After much searching and going through many hoops, the Marchants eventually discovered that their daughter’s doctor had given her not just the MMR vaccine, but also a vaccine for DTaP, polio, and one other vaccine (not currently disclosed). All of this was given to 14-month-old baby in one shot.”

Mike Adams of Natural News writes, “The vaccine industry refuses to conduct scientific tests on the health outcomes of vaccinated children vs. unvaccinated children. Why? Because these test would no doubt show unvaccinated children to be healthier, smarter and far better off than vaccinated children in terms of behavioral disorders, allergies and even autoimmune disorders. Check the people you know: Don’t you routinely find that the most heavily-vaccinated kids are the ones who get sick all the time? Meanwhile, groups like the Amish who largely refuse to vaccinate their children have near-zero rates of autism.”

Vaccines given to children in America today are admitted by the CDC to contain aluminum, mercury, monosodium glutamate and formaldehyde — all known neurotoxins. While healthy people with the right genetic makeup might eliminate these toxins relatively quickly, there is a subgroup of genetically susceptible children and adults who cannot. These individuals are genetically “hyper-susceptible” to vaccine damage. In effect, they are “genetic ticking time bombs” of vaccine damage.

Undoing The Damage Done

My own son’s vaccine damage was reversed. In a nutshell, this is how we did it:

Also here is a list of some of the other vaccine damaged kids we’ve been able to help:


Here’s what to do to protect your child, naturally, with greater efficacy and without causing them harm:



Pinch Me Baby One More Time

[This post is from the December 2018 newsletter – click here to read it.]

“Pinch!” by Jinx!

Pinch me baby, just one more time. Before you think we’ve gone off our rocker, we don’t mean this in a mean sense. Grabbing a little skin on the back of your own hand in a little pinch can actually show how hydrated we are. Are you curious to do the test?

Then head on over to our blog post “Pinch me! (and other ways to know if you’re staying hydrated).” While this blog article is part of a series we are doing on natural fertility, you’ll learn more about how hydration is simply the foundation for good diet and lifestyle. Every physiological function, and every cell in your body can’t run without water.

Also on the topic of hydration, you can find out how a concept called “Sequential Eating” can help with your hydration. Jeff Korentayer will show you that there is actually a way to improve your hydration without drinking more water.

It comes from a concept called “sequential eating” discovered by Dr. Stanley Bass. It’s based on the understanding of how food forms layers inside your stomach. Think Tetris, but played with a knife and fork.

“Guess who made each of the bottle” by Chad Rosenthal

Your digestive system uses a different enzyme for each food item. It has an easier time with like items grouped together. Layers of food digest better than a jumble of everything all mixed together. It’s a basic efficiency factor for digestion.

Are you ready to be enlightened with regards to hydration?  Then follow the links to these two blog articles:

Heilkunst Treatment of PANDAS/PANS


PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) is the latest catch phrase describing a dynamic pathology that we’ve been effectively treating for over 20 years.

Generally, there is a trigger, an event where the child has “Never Been Well Since” (NBWS).  This can be an infectious event like a streptococcal infection, a vaccine, a physical trauma like an accident or an emotional event like the death of a loved one or the loss of a friend.

To the parent, it feels as if their child is forever changed.  It can feel as overt as having a stranger in their home, an outpatient from a mental institution or as subtle as just the feeling that something isn’t quite right.  It is clear that their tune has changed and they’re no longer navigating their world in the same way.

Physical or mental Symptoms can show up for both PANS or PANDAS as:

  • Tics
  • OCD, compulsions and/or obsessions
  • Personality Shifts
  • Decline in motor coordination
  • Changes in Handwriting
  • Sudden Eating Restrictions
  • Sensory Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability and/or bouts of anger/rages
  • Developmental regression (ie. cognitive capacities)
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Involuntary urination and/or increased frequency


THE PANS “working” CRITERIA as per Dr. Swedo (the founder of the PANS/PANDA label):

  1. Abrupt, dramatic onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder or severely restricted food intake.
  2. Concurrent presence of additional neuropsychiatric symptoms, with similarly severe and acute onset, from at least two of the following seven categories:
  3. Anxiety
  4. Emotional lability and/or depression
  5. Irritability, aggression and/or severely oppositional behaviors
  6. Behavioral (developmental) regression
  7. Deterioration in school performance
  8. Sensory or motor abnormalities
  9. Somatic signs and symptoms, including sleep disturbances, enuresis or urinary frequency
  10. Symptoms are not better explained by a known neurologic or medical disorder, such as Sydenham chorea, systemic lupus erythematosus, Tourette disorder or others.



While many parents and their practitioners often feel like they’re roaming around in the diagnostic dark without any hope of a flashlight.  In our world of Heilkunst Medicine, the diagnosis (seeing through knowing) really isn’t of much use if the cure is also not known.

Check out these resources on diagnosis here:

CAUSE of PANS/PANDAS and how we treat it using Heilkunst principles (including the sequential timeline, detox protocols, nutrition and the Genetic Miasms):


There are 8 genetic roots and PANS/PANDAS are anchored predominantly to 3 of them; Medhorrinum (Gonorrhea), Carcinosin (Cancer), and Syphilis.  Scary diagnosis only if you’re stuck with these issues and can’t address them. See here:

Once the timeline is mopped up and the Genetic Miasms dealt with, the symptoms don’t have anchors to cling to anymore.  You see the trauma, whether bacterial, physical or emotional only angered the deeper issues at the human core forth, spawning symptoms.

The problem with allopathy medicine is that it is stuck in the material, mechanistic paradigm, so it doesn’t have the resources to cope with trauma and its relationship to physical/mental pathology.  This is where Heilkunst shines and why we have the highest cure rate in the realm of the chronic symptoms with so called mysterious etiologies. Bring your suffering kids … my kid was once one too:

Sunshine Is More Than Just Vitamin D3

If you don’t like the sun – then more than likely your body is full of parasites and candida overgrowth, both of which detest the sunlight. They prefer darkness, dampness, cold. Sunlight is their nemesis and they will do a very good job of convincing you that you dislike the sun and heat.” ~ The Awakened Body, The Sunlit Truth

When I was in my teens, I suffered horrible yeast infections. I was prescribed rounds of Nystatin by the conventional Doctor that did nothing to alleviate my symptoms. The itchiness and redness so severe, I bled, shredded by fingernails that I could not grow long enough to scratch an itch that never receded.

Even when I came to Heilkunst Medicine as a patient (the form of Wholistic Medicine I now practice), I was a mess with autoimmune issues, fibromyalgia-like symptoms, psoriasis, and chronic fatigue. I was overrun by candida. I had a son in the ASD spectrum and my life felt like it was coming apart at the seams. (For the resolution to my suffering, you can listen to the free audiobook here.)

I also could not take the sun. I burned from stem to stern. Once, in Grand Cayman with my Aunt and Uncle, I had two inch blisters so severe on my arms and chest, I was admitted to hospital with both second and third degree burns. After the baths in alcohol, for two days, I finally stopped passing out and could go home to remain indoors or in the shade for the rest of my very painful, miserable trip. I hated the sun!

When I suffered chronic fatigue and parasite issues, I was at my sickest. I was in bed several days per month. I’d never taken a probiotic, and I was passing yeast in clumps in a variety of colours. As a result, I believe it is why I gave birth to my son almost two full months early. I was just that sick, I could not sustain successfully my own life, let alone his.

How did I solve it? I got rid of all the grains in my diet, sticking more to salads, shakes, eggs, meats, fish, turkey, vegetables and limited low-glycemic berries. I let go of the chocolate, sugar, coffee and alcohol dependencies I had and followed my Blood Type Diet as per Dr. D’adamo. As a result, I lost fifty plus pounds I’d carried and started to feel a whole lot better.

My ideal fats fed me in ways I’d never imagined. I stopped feeling chronically unsupported. I’d been plagued with the state of mind that everyone in my life wanted to take something from me; that I was wholly and completely unsupported.

This is also an indication of parasites. They steal from you without giving anything back … the sun does the opposite, filling your banks of health with not just Vit. D3, but a feeling of utter restoration and wholeness.

I also began to ferment sauerkraut, fast for several hours per day from supper the night before to lunchtime the next day and even a full day each week. This gave my immune system the time it needed to address any toxicity and unwanted parasites on board without overburdening it with having to digest more food.

Fast forward twenty-five years and I could not love the sun more. In fact, I’ve lived in Mexico for the last four years throughout the Winter months while the snow flies in Canada, serving our patients three days a week online. I never use sunscreen and I tan brown like a berry without issue.

The sun is one of the healthiest, life-giving forces available to humans on the planet. A healthy body actually thrives in the sun.

I know from sixteen years of our wholistic medical practice that if you clean your insides, organs just run smoother, pores open and the sun becomes something you can naturally metabolize. It will no longer cook you to a crisp due to the rancid oils, blocked skin, a sour gut and cells unable to absorb nourishment, including sunlight.

I was, now, accepting the sun’s primal offerings with ease and absorbing her light-infused grace. I knew some yogis, termed “Sun-worshippers” had lived on water and nothing but sunlight for twenty or even thirty years!  Although, I’m not so spiritually evolved to even want that goal, at least my nickname was no longer Casper!

My children, when they attended a Waldorf school over a decade ago, used to recite this poem by Rudolf Steiner, “The sun with loving light makes bright for me each day, the soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs. In sunlight shining clear I revere, Oh God, the strength of humankind, which thou has planted in my soul, that I may with all my might, may love to work and learn. From thee stream light and strength to thee rise love and thanks.”

We are light bearers, spiritual beings crafted of light. If you strike an anvil with a hammer, sparks of light are emitted. Your blood, in turn, needs iron and light to also metabolize. You’re a vehicle for works of light. You bring light into the world. You’ve heard terms like, “the light is gone from their eyes,” or “She’s a real light in the world.”  Our language makes no mistakes regarding the stuff we’re made of.

Like me, perhaps you’re ready to remove toxic foods that irritate your body and fry your skin symptomatically on the outside. Get rid of GMO’s like Canola Oil, grains, pasteurized dairy, foods that make you acidic like wheat and refined sugars or city tap water.

Test your pH by urinating on litmus paper. Once you know how acidic you are, you can start to measure when you become more alkaline as you change your eating habits. Cancer can only grow in an acidic environment where there is low oxygen and very little light.

Try taking little infusions of sunlight everyday at first. Start slowly for if you’re suffering inflammation in your body, going out in the sun will feel like your taking a gas infused lighter to a matchstick.

Try to stick to organic, locally sourced foods as much as possible. Only eat from the outside isles of your supermarket. Or better, yet, get to know the individuals who grow foods naturally at your local farmers market. Eat whole foods, lots of green vegetables, juice your carrots with raw beets, kale, apple and ginger. Yum! Watch yourself start to radiate with more life and light.

Look seriously at the makeup, creams and sunscreens you put on your skin. It is important to detox from this load where words on the bottles you cannot begin to pronounce. Those cancer causing elements will only destroy your health and capacity to metabolize sunlight. There are lots of natural makeup on the market (search out small, handcrafted companies on Etsy like Flora and Fauna Facial Oil).

Also, coconut oil has a decent SPF up close to 20 alone! When I was learning to take in more sun, I crafted a natural sunscreen that I made myself with coconut oil, raspberry leaf oil and carrot seed oil, for example.

Skin brushing is another healthy way to get your lymphatic system turned on to cleansing toxicity from the body. A natural brush or loofah, run in little circles over each limb and your trunk will help you feel alive and purified before your epsom salts bath with essential oils.

The Awakened Body blog cites, “Try and get 15+ minutes of sunlight every single day during autumn, winter and spring. Slowly increase your exposure as the days get warmer. DO NOT just walk out the door mid-summer and spend 3-4 hours at the beach and then whine on Facebook later at home that the sun is a brutal b*tch and burned you beyond belief and now you look like a lobster.”

In just 20 minutes of sunlight, you don’t need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement as you’ve just absorbed over 400 IU’s. In 35-40 minutes, you’ve topped up your daily dose. If you work indoors taking a Vit. D 3 supplement of 1,000 to 2,000 IU’s per day will help to maintain your health for an adult. A child only needs half that, a baby 400 IU’s is sufficient.

Be sure to take off your sunglasses and gaze at the sun ½ hour just after sunrise or before sunset. Sungazing balances the endocrine system, by influencing the mother of all the glands, the pineal gland. Additionally, eyes absorbs more light than even your skin does. Kids don’t generally wear sunglasses and if they play in the sun, their health, immunity and mental well-being increases over the summer months.

Put your kids in sun protective clothing with long sleeves and a hat to begin with early in the season and then taper back to t-shirts by June. By then they should be good to go by the time bathing suit season hits in July and August. I know because we’re toe-headed (white blond) Canadians and my kids generally didn’t wear sunscreen in the summer. I bought the natural stuff when we went on trips, to the sunny south, though.

A good parasite cleanse is often in order. We use and recommend Paragone to our patients which is based on black walnut hulls. When you notice all those white dots in your stool, you’ll no doubt be creeped out by all the parasites you’ve been hosting onboard.

Also, the yeast and candida needs to be addressed, along with heavy metals. This protocol is more significant and should not be done without the guidance of a trained Physician. We’re happy to counsel you in this regard  by Skype or Facetime and send you the medicine at no cost if you’d like to set up a consultation. Email your details to

Also, did you know that most folks will develop cancer in the parts of their body not exposed to the sun?  For example, 80% of tumors show up 80% of the time in women in their sex organs. I’m in my middle 50’s living both in Mexico and in summer in Canada. I have private sunning patios in both locales for this very reason. Almost 16 years ago, I had an inch and a half tumor in my left breast that I solved naturally using this system of medicine. (Listen to my story for FREE here.)

Did you, also, know that folks suffering infertility often need to increase their sun exposure?  Men can actually boost their testosterone quickly by starting to expose their genitals to sunlight regularly. Yes, you read that right! Nude sunbathing for everyone makes more healthy, easily conceived babes. Read our FREE book on Natural Fertility here.

Thomas Valone, Ph. D. cites, “Sunlight baths with bare skin allow the bodily cells to store light energy sufficient to recharge the batteries in the DNA.” Think of your sun as the grid, you need a regular infusion in order to fuel your internal batteries.

Set a timer to get away from your computer, phone radiation and wifi. Even sitting long hours is considered the “new smoking.”  Ditch your microwave as use the shelf for health cookbooks instead like we did. Walk barefoot through the park (that is not sprayed with chemicals of course) or by the water at a sandy beach. Commune with your natural self in nature. Go for bike ride or play a game of catch with your dog or the kids.

Get off the fake foods, let go of fake news and fake people in your life. Don’t use toxic shampoos or hair care products. Change to a natural toothpaste, or make your own using coconut oil, baking soda, bentonite clay and peppermint oil. Use only natural moisturizers and bath bombs with essential oils.

Increase your vibrancy and enthusiasm for the things you do and love. Hang only with folks who infuse you with energy and light. Let go of that job where you’re treated less than stellar.

Take up a hobby. Study holistic nutrition, permaculture, hydroponics, art, philosophy, dance or piano if that’s your gig. Become a vehicle for inner light metabolism and receive your birthright from the sun. Be whole and be healthy … it’s the only real estate of value that you’ll ever truly own for more than 80 years plus.

Don’t forget to sunbathe naaaaked in the privacy of your own hidden domain. Nothing better than exposing all your luscious parts to the sun.

Written by Allyson McQuinn (Click here for bio.)


Sequentially Yours

[This post is from the November 2018 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Ever wonder why we peel your onion sequentially? Did you know that your shocks and traumas are what invite the roots of your chronic diseases to surface in a specific order? One patient I served called Heilkunst the most elegant system of medicine known to man or woman. We have to agree!

I used to be a financial advisor in a former incarnation. That was before my son was cured of his autism spectrum issues by this system of medicine. I could not work in a field that was governed by no principles, further marginalized by suppression or trial and error. I needed clear, realizable edicts and repeatable results. And that’s what I got over 20 years ago, when I studied to become a Heilkunst practitioner.

Heilkunst achieves this end by following a very strict methodology termed, “the law of succession of forces”.  Simply put, your disease matrices are layered like a geological dig. By going after each trauma in order, we purchase your freedom, one event after another, each 28 day appointment cycle.

In the beginning things are a little chaotic. It’s like a plane trying to right itself with a dizzying, dynamic instrument panel of spinning dials. However, by a few short months the patient does ‘straighten up and fly right’. Stripping the onion becomes much easier and predictable. The gains become so mind-blowing, often folks go well beyond just the resolution of their physical ills. Heilkunst becomes a way into consciousness and self-knowledge.

To learn more about sequential treatment, read the following blog article here.

Thyroid Support for Winter Immunity

[This post is from the October 2018 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Let’s talk about natural immune function! Are you running at peak performance ensuring that you’re bolstering your innate capacity to keep you whole and hale over the coming Winter months? Would you like a few tips?

Our thyroid needs a good storehouse of iodine on board. This organ filters the blood every 20 minutes and acts like a video game shooting at errant bacteria. As part of your immunity, it is searching out unwanted microbes and annihilating them with spurts of iodine. If it’s deplete, those gnarly bad bacteria go unchecked.

This is why a diet rich in kelp and sometimes even an iodine supplement is recommended. Consider that exposure to radiation, cell phones and computers deplete your iodine stores. Not only is iodine supplementation becoming more critical in the realm of natural fertility, but also for your general health and longevity.

Whether you’re seeking tips for remaining healthy all Winter long, or you’re after sources of iodine, we’ve got your back.  We wrote a book that speaks to whole foods and supplements that we’ve used ourselves for our family for over 20 years. You can find it here. Plus, if you’re looking for more thyroid care, the specific article here will boost your immune function as well. Here’s to your good health!

How to Identify and Correct Mineral Deficiencies

[This post is from the September 2018 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Let’s take a look at mineral deficiencies. If you suffer leg cramps, issues with your hair breaking or falling out, PMS, menstrual cramps, headaches, hot flashes, restless legs, joint stiffness, musculoskeletal soreness, trouble sleeping, cavities, poor fingernail growth, or infertility, you could be in significant need for mineral supplementation.

You may ask, “how can I know for sure?” We recommend live blood analysis with a highly trained analyst or a CoRe Bioresonance Session with our Jeff Korentayer, in order to discern if you’re ‘minerally’ challenged.

We have great tools for helping you to replenish the minerals not available in your foods. Years of Big Agriculture (Big Ag) spraying bio-chemicals and improper crop rotation has leached the soil of its mineral stores.

With our patients, we often recommend homeopathic tissue salts, bone broth, and solé brine which can be both cost-efficient and a solid way to supplement your mineral health. If for some reason, you’re not absorbing your minerals, we can help on that score as well.

There are ways to first ascertain and then treat your mineral deficiencies. Don’t suffer unnecessarily or just settle for your suffering. Often, it’s quite easy to address when you know what you’re looking for.

Jeff Korentayer and Allyson McQuinn have been working by phone and Skype with patients around the world since 2001. You can reach their office at to set up an initial consultation.

Speech Success Story

At the beginning of summer, I had expressed to Allyson my concern about my daughter’s speech. I (and her father) were able to understand her quite well. However, some family and strangers were not. This wasn’t so much an issue for me being judged on her “speech issues,” but an issue for her. Too many
times she would shut down socially. I remember when I [dragged] my big pregnant self to the park on a hot summer day and a little boy showed up. She was so excited and started jabbering up a storm. To which he replied, “Uhh, I don’t even know what you’re saying.” She came right over and asked to go home. Once I finished buckling her up she started sobbing.

She would get so frustrated when family would go on with a conversation with her as though they understood her, but their conversation back wasn’t near what she was talking about. She was tired of repeating herself to them. She was also tired of trying to talk to strangers in line at the grocery store to be met with an empty stare. My heart hurt for her. She had cried many times over this, while I could clearly hear and understand exactly all the pain it was causing. She didn’t qualify for speech [therapy]. I had tried all products for speech…herbal tinctures, specific ratios of omega’s, etc.

I finally had a thought to bring this up to Ally. I was hoping to address the emotional hurt this was causing not expecting there was a remedy for the speech issue itself. My daughter was given Baryta Carbonica. Over the next few weeks her speech cleared up SO much that people carry on lengthy conversations with her [now]. They don’t believe she is just 3 years old. She now loves talking to family and I see her happy in imaginative play with kids at school and the park, chatting back and forth about super powers, white cats, and all of her favorite fruits and vegetables.

I am so thankful every day for the principles of Heilkunst, Ally, Jeff and Diane. My daughter has a lot to say. A lot. And now she isn’t afraid to say it.

-Mom of a daughter who talks until my ears bleed now”

What Health Issues Do You Most Treat?


Our patients are well researched individuals who have mostly been referred to us by existing patients.  They are well versed in that in many cases they already know what areas we specialize in because they’ve talked at length with an existing patient.  We love how our patients are so excited to see their friend or family member achieve similar results of health as they have by sending them our way.


After speaking with one of our existing patients, the new prospect will also generally read some of the blogs we’ve written our our website ( and know that we’re more than just a one stop shop for physical symptoms, working also in the mental and emotional realms of health as well.  At the onset of treatment, patients will capture their main health goals.  This helps both of us to measure how effective Heilkunst treatment is for each individual that we serve.  We feel that to be a good Physician of Heilkunst Medicine it is important to take a “before,” “during” and “after” pictures of our patient’s health in our written case notes.


Here are just some of the main health goals of individuals that we’ve served over the last few months (reworded to protect patient privacy):

  • General wellness; freedom from past; confidence that I’m doing everything I can to restore my health.
  • General wellness; detox from vaccines; get to underlying cause of dark circles around my eyes.
  • General wellness; detox from vaccines.
  • To become happier, healthier and help with ADD.
  • Overall health to improve.
  • Reduce anxiety, eliminate fibromyalgia-like symptoms, less fatigue, sinus infections.
  • Overall happiness and heath.
  • Healthy and fit.
  • To thrive, increase metabolism; to feel awesome again.
  • To achieve and complete a healthy pregnancy.
  • Eliminate dependency on alcohol; get healthier.
  • General health.
  • Anxiety, rage, sleep trouble, eczema / itchy skin.
  • Improve sperm count / motility, remove antibiotics, improve back pain.
  • Restore physical capacities to exercise at an amateur level and find my way into a new career.
  • Help my son learn to focus and follow through with every day activities.
  • Better mental health.
  • Mercury detox.
  • Increase energy, maintain healthy weight.
  • Recovery from autism
  • Homoprophylaxis to prevent childhood illness.
  • Feel my best overall; abdominal discomfort.
  • Achieve best health.
  • Feel my best overall.
  • Migraine relief; keep cancer in remission.
  • Biggest concerns are endometriosis, infertility and leaky gut.
  • To be fully healthy, vibrant 5 year old girl.
  • Anxiety and stress relief (mom of 2 toddlers – oldest is autistic). Physical & emotional wellness.
  • Heal eczema, be happy and healthy.
  • Sleep! Be happy, be healthy.
  • Lump (don’t know if it is cancerous), tired, allergies, sun skin reaction on arms,  be able to focus better.
  • To become completely well; to be able to drive, sleep, eat, exercise, etc.
  • Greater well being (removal of chronic miasms).
  • To overcome anxiety.
  • Reduce anxiety, irritability; improve memory and social skills.
  • Fertility couples treatment.
  • Immunizations; allergies.
  • Heal armpit lumps; stop stressing out, clear birth traumas.
  • Immunize naturally, stay healthy.
  • Vaccine detox, immunize, stay healthy.
  • Grow! Address food & environmental allergies, allergy induced ADHD symptoms.
  • Resolve residual communication issues.
  • Better digestion, more energy.
  • To have clarity in thought and action.
  • Achieve optimal health and wellness.
  • Manage stress and anxiety, stabilize blood pressure.
  • Achieve optimal health and wellness, resolve skin issues.
  • Continued health, preventative care.
  • Weight loss, off anti-depressants.
  • Balance hormones, gain back energy, lose weight.
  • Help with fidgeting, concentration, and disorganization due to possible ADHD.
  • Overall health and get pregnant.
  • Anxiety reduction, concentration/focus improvement.
  • To live without pain, anxiety & depression. To be healthy & balanced.
  • Min. thyroid function; maintain overall health.
  • To get rid of his head traumas and anxiety.
  • Cure anxiety and depression.
  • To be fully recovered & improve verbal communication.
  • Alleviate joint pain; general wellbeing.
  • Achieve clarity of mind at all times and have more energy.
  • Resolve deep depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Revival of generation of serotonin, sobriety.
  • 1) address abdominal issues 2) manage chronic low grade depression 3) quit smoking
  • Grief; get back drive and focus.
  • Heal from autism symptoms.
  • Fatigue, weight loss, snoring, chronic lower back pain.
  • Feel better, less emotional, decrease anxiety and depression, increase focus.
  • To be free from depression, unworthiness, insomnia, constipation, fear or abandonment & rejection, inferiority problem, needing approval, shame and self doubt. To be confident and know who I am. To improve concentration and overwhelm.
  • Treat myself in conjunction with my son.
  • Reduce stress & anxiety; find root of sexualized behaviours.
  • Grief and anxiety management.
  • All around better health.
  • Detox vaccines, reduce bad foods, avoid winter earaches.
  • Detox vaccines, improve sleeping habits, improve how uncomfortable my daughter is.
  • Detox from years of using chemical filled cosmetics, hygiene products, using candles and other household toxins. Become more familiar with Organic foods, safe cosmetic products, educating myself on essential oils for health. Mange my anxiety better, control my temperament.
  • Maintain and improve health.
  • To get my daughter back; trouble concentrating; debilitating OCD and tics.
  • Depression; anxiety; worry; fatigue; neck & head pain.
  • Health of mind & body; healing.


Let us know what your main health goals are and we’ll tailor an individual protocol for regimen, medicine and therapeutic education based on principles specific for your typology.  This way you can meet your main health goals too.