What is Homeopathy?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) coined the word “Homeopathy” from the Greek words “homoios” and “pathos” meaning “similar suffering,” which expresses the natural law for curing disease (“law of similars” or “like cures like”). Just like the Law of Gravity, you know what will happen if you throw a rock up into the air. Even though […]

How do we deliver remedies to our patients?

At Arcanum, the focus of our practice is on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of chronic illness. Our goal is to not simply eliminate (i.e. “suppress”) the symptoms, but to actually permanently remove the root cause. It is a deep, methodical, and highly effective process that we follow. The typical treatment plan involves a series […]

What is Heilkunst?

This is the German term meaning “whole art of healing.” It is derived from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s sixth edition of the Organon der Heilkunst, where the laws of this system of medicine were recently unearthed. We use the original German word as there isn’t an English equivalent that encompasses the full scope of meaning. Heilkunst […]

What is Orgonomic Heilkunst?

Orgonomic Heilkunst is one of the disciplines that Allyson and Jeff have been studying since 2006. While Jeff has generally incorporated these insights into his overall diagnosis, Allyson has more directly and actively introduced these hands-on therapeutic techniques into her work with her patients. Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s* profound insights into what a true mind-body connection […]

What is the difference between Heilkunst and Classical Homeopathy?

Although they both belong to the broader category of “natural healthcare”, they have very little in common when it comes to their modalities of practice or their underlying philosophies of curing and healing. Every modality and its approach to healthcare begins with a particular “organizing idea”, or worldview which fundamentally informs every aspect of treatment […]

Is there a difference between Heilkunst and Naturopathy?

When exploring natural approaches to health care, patients find that there are a number of apparent similarities between the fields of Medical Heilkunst and Naturopathy.  They both use a variety of natural treatments and remedies, and they both require a minimum of four years of post-secondary education, and are then governed by the rules and […]

What is the Inergetix-CoRe system?

The CoRe (Inergetix-CoRe system) is a computer-based radionics system that we use at the clinic for a variety of testing and assessment functions. The basic function of the CoRe is to provide an objective measurement of the flow of life energy in the patient, and more specifically, where and how that flow is blocked, or […]

What is a homeopathic remedy?

What is a ‘homeopathic remedy’? This term is often used incorrectly, even sometimes by trained homeopaths. For those who have no experience with homeopathy, they may assume that it is just another way of saying ‘herbal remedy’ or even ‘natural remedy’, but it has a much more specific meaning than this. The other huge misconception […]

How are the remedies made?

Homeopathic remedies are derived mainly from plant, mineral and animal sources and have been made the same way for over 200 years. Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst and the principles of Homeopathy, actually took a miniscule dose of the substance he wanted to understand the effects of and prescribed it to healthy individuals. His […]

What is a healing reaction?

A homeopathic healing reaction is usually experienced by the patient, on average, 12-15 days after taking the remedy. It is the body acting to restore balance after the remedy has expelled the blockage or trauma in question. In contrast, the initial action of the remedy can be likened to the moment a rock is released […]

Where is your clinic located?

Our practitioners currently treat all patient’s by distance, utilizing phone and computer (Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime). Remedies are mailed to the patient’s home address by our pharmacists. Reception / Scheduling can be reached by phone (877-233-0779) or email (reception@arcanum.ca). (Please click here for our mailing address.)

How Will My Remedies Be Labeled?

Your session remedies are mailed to your home address by one of our pharmacists. As of April 2019, Arcanum has changed the way your remedies are labeled. The package you receive will contain no remedy names on the labels. You will find all remedy names and dosage instructions in an email sent to you from […]

Do you treat patients by distance?

Yes, our clinic is set up to work with patients as effectively by phone as it is with local in-person patients.  It is also possible (but not necessary) for the consults to be done through video teleconferencing technologies (such as Skype or Facetime), which are relatively easy to set up and use on most modern […]

How long does treatment last?

This is entirely dependent on the individual. The initial consultation is 90 minutes and each follow-up occurs every 4 weeks and usually lasts 60 minutes. Depending on the nature of the health issue(s) being addressed, successful treatment may require only a small handful of appointments, up can take up to 1 or even 2 years […]

Are you covered by any insurance plans?

Our services are covered by a number of extended health insurance benefit plans, and many patients are able to receive reimbursement for their visits. Since we do not do third party billing, payment is due at the time of the treatment session, and we provide an insurance receipt  for the patient to submit directly to […]

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

In respect of our practitioners, as well as other patients seeking to book appointments, we maintain a minimum 24 hour cancellation policy. You will be billed in full for a missed appointment, unless you have provided at least 24 hour notice of your need to change or cancel, or if we are able to fill […]

What are the fees for Heilkunst treatment?

Pre-assessment (case analysis and preparation – a one-time fee) : Includes a full case analysis by your practitioner in preparation for starting your monthly treatment plan. Your practitioner may ask you to provide further details or clarification of your life and medical history to augment your written health intake forms. $165.00 CAD Monthly treatment plan […]