Do you treat patients by distance?

Yes, our clinic is set up to work with patients as effectively by phone as it is with local in-person patients.  It is also possible (but not necessary) for the consults to be done through video teleconferencing technologies (such as Skype or Facetime), which are relatively easy to set up and use on most modern home computers.  The Homeopathic remedies are mailed or couriered directly to the patient after the consult.



Here’s what some of our patients have said about having their treatments by distance:

…. Being at a distance, using Skype has worked perfect for our family. We live a few provinces apart. The service at Arcanum has always been prompt, efficient and very educational and informative to help meet all of our health needs. For the more pressing issues we were contacted back usually quickly. Their one office staff, Diane is always so helpful. Jeff and/or Allyson are both excellent practitioners. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both. Highly recommended.

…. Their receptionist is great at getting back to you very quickly, you can “get in” quickly for follow-ups as well. The distance was a concern for me when I first started. I didn’t understand how I could be treated without being physically present….well that isn’t needed. I’ve only seen Ally and must say from the get-go it is like she has known and treated me in person all my life. I feel so much gets resolved every month I’ve had no problems with a distance appointment.

….Most of my appointments I’ve had with you were in person but there was one time I could not travel the distance to see you in person so my appointment with you was over the phone. I was worried I would not leave with the same feeling I get with the in person appointment but I did. I felt the same way after the phone visit then I do in person. Actually I was just telling this to a friend who lives out West the other day

…. While I would love love to see Ally in person I in no way feel like I am getting anything less than complete care from her during my consults with her over the phone. I always get prompt feedback from her if I need something in between appointments and Diane is awesome in the office for billing and other questions. No complaints at all with being a distance patient.