How do we deliver remedies to our patients?

At Arcanum, the focus of our practice is on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of chronic illness. Our goal is to not simply eliminate (i.e. “suppress”) the symptoms, but to actually permanently remove the root cause. It is a deep, methodical, and highly effective process that we follow.

The typical treatment plan involves a series of consults between the patient and their practitioner, which will result in any number of recommendations being given. These may include lifestyle and diet recommendations, specific nutritional modifications (including supplements to take), or other suggested life changes (both big and small).

With the exception of homeopathic remedies, Arcanum does not stock any natural health products, and it is up to the patient to purchase any supplement or other recommended product from their local health food store or online distributor (Amazon, etc.).

The homeopathic remedies that we recommend to a patient are provided by Arcanum, at no additional charge (with the exception of the actual charge of shipping/postage and the pharmacy dispensing fee) – in other words, the remedies are included with the patient’s treatment, as part of their consult fee.

The usual treatment process, then, involves the patient and practitioner having a consult together, and then the pharmacy at Arcanum ships the homeopathic remedies out to the patient. This usually takes a few days.

This rhythm generally works well during the normal course of the treatment plan, but there will be situations that arise for the patient which are of a more intense or “acute” nature, where waiting a number of days for a remedy is intolerable.

There are a few different ways we’ll handle this:

1. First Aid Homeopathy Kits at home – Some patients are interested in learning more about homeopathy, and will have read some basic first aid books, and stocked their home medicine cabinet with a basic homeopathic remedy kit. With these patients, we’ll assess the nature of their acute situation, and tell them which remedies they can use immediately from their home kits.

2. Patients who live near a well-stocked natural remedy store – Same as above, we’ll assess, and suggest which remedies to buy from their local store to take immediately.

3. “Energy” remedies – This may seem quite unusual to some patients at first, but results have proven these methods to be quite effective. These methods can include “paper remedies”, or “CoRe radionics broadcasts”. This is an explanation of what these are, and how they work.

Here’s some further information we’ve written on the different methods for taking your homeopathic remedies, as well as modifying the dose and potency.