How Will My Remedies Be Labeled?

Your session remedies are mailed to your home address by one of our pharmacists.

As of April 2019, Arcanum has changed the way your remedies are labeled. The package you receive will contain no remedy names on the labels. You will find all remedy names and dosage instructions in an email sent to you from your practitioner.

Inside your remedy package, you will find labels that only contain the patient name, date, and letter/number for each remedy. This information will correspond to the details in the practitioner email, for your reference. We strongly recommend that you write the remedy information on the labels as soon as your remedies arrive.

This change was made to better protect all parties involved, including you, the patient, from increased scrutiny by government agencies and to better ensure your privacy.

NOTE : for dropper bottles, they have been shipped with only a single drop of the prescribed homeopathic remedy inside, which will usually have dried to the inside of the glass in transit. Rest assured that when you re-constitute your dropper bottles, they will be fully potent and ready for use.

If you have any questions regarding your remedies, please contact Reception:

Thank you,
Your Arcanum Wholistic Clinic Team