What are the fees for Heilkunst treatment?

Pre-assessment (case analysis and preparation – a one-time fee) :

  • Includes a full case analysis by your practitioner in preparation for starting your monthly treatment plan.
  • Your practitioner may ask you to provide further details or clarification of your life and medical history to augment your written health intake forms.
  • $165.00 CAD

Monthly treatment plan :

  • Includes a monthly video or phone session with your practitioner, up to 60 minutes (or 90 minutes for the initial appointment).
  • Includes all recommended homeopathic remedies, pharmacist fee, and shipping and handling.
  • $235.00 CAD.

CoRe-Inergetix report : 

  • With up to 60 minutes of consult time with your practitioner $335.00 CAD.
  • Includes all recommended homeopathic remedies, pharmacist fee, and shipping and handling.
  • Includes your CoRe-Inergetix report in a PDF file.


Monthly treatment plan for children

  • $135.00 CAD if at least one parent is currently in their own monthly treatment plan. 
  • $235.00 CAD without a parent currently in treatment.

Interim “acute” treatments in between regularly scheduled treatment sessions : 

  • If additional support is needed in between monthly appointments, such as for mitigating remedy reactions, or other life events that intervene (such as accidents, surgeries, etc.), then this can be assessed and treated as appropriate by email or on a live call.
  • $85.00 CAD – $135.00 CAD, depending on the complexity of the situation that needs treatment.

Pharmacy fees:

  • Pharmacy fees are additional for sending remedies for acute treatment sessions, or for treatments not otherwise included in a pre-defined treatment plan fee schedule.
  • $30.00 CAD for Pharmacy fee and S/H for any remedies needed. This includes the practitioner’s prescription fee.
  • Billed at cost, for any emergency, overnight shipping required.

Doctor Notes / Paperwork Completion

  • $40.00 CAD each.

General notes on fees:

  • We do our billing in Canadian dollars. Check www.xe.com to calculate how your fees will be reflected in your local currency on your bank statement.
  • Canadian clients are also subject to the HST/GST of their province of residence.
  • Patients are eligible for our preferential treatment plan fees when they sign up for our automated, recurring billing payment system.
  • There will be a $30.00 CAD admin fee to restart an auto-billed treatment plan that has lapsed.
  • The same fees above also apply during the later maintenance phases of treatment, with the automatic billing frequency adjusted accordingly (ie. 6 or 12 week billing cycles, instead of monthly).

Notes on billing, scheduling, and appointment confirmations and reminders:

  • CANCELLATIONS : We ask for a minimum of 24 hour advance notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment time, to avoid being charged our cancellation fee (it is 100% of the full session fee). We will waive this cancellation fee if we’ve been able to fill your missed appointment slot with someone on our waiting list.
  • APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION : We consider your scheduled appointment time to be confirmed when we have received pre-payment for your session fee. The cut-off time for confirmation is on the Friday before your appointment.
  • APPOINTMENT REMINDERS : For courtesy appointment reminders, we use an automated appointment reminder system to send you a reminder in the days leading up to your appointment by text message (SMS) and/or email. NOTE : this is a courtesy reminder only, and NOT confirmation of your appointment. In other words, if you confirm this appointment reminder with our system, but without also pre-paying your session invoice, then we may still open your time slot to another client.