The Three Jurisdictions of Medical Heilkunst

All therapeutic activity within Heilkunst falls under one of three distinct jurisdictions:

  1. Therapeutic Regimen
  2. Therapeutic Medicine
  3. Therapeutic Education


Heilkunst operates within a modern scientific consciousness, where every therapeutic action taken is done on the basis of a specific therapeutic principle, as identified by a completely rational and explicable process of diagnosis. The old forms of “trial and error”, “following ancient traditions”, or “try anything which gets rid of a symptom” have no place within this new mode of medical thinking. Achieving long-lasting results, uprooting the origin and cause of symptoms, and attaining true improvements in health are the result of this process of treatment, which can always be explained and successfully replicated by anyone willing to follow the same process, and are not dependent on the (unconscious) talents of a given practitioner, who will usually bring their gift with them to the grave. This is the promise of any field of science, which aims to make knowledge universally available.

I have written a number of specific blog posts about each of the three therapeutic jurisdictions within Heilkunst, which you can read by following these links:

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