What is Orgonomic Heilkunst?

Orgonomic Heilkunst is one of the disciplines that Allyson and Jeff have been studying since 2006. While Jeff has generally incorporated these insights into his overall diagnosis, Allyson has more directly and actively introduced these hands-on therapeutic techniques into her work with her patients. Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s* profound insights into what a true mind-body connection consists of is a guide to this aspect of our treatment. The practical clinical applications, which Allyson uses, include an assortment of practical exercises involving breath work, vocalizing techniques, the innate reflexes and the emotional charge which increase the consciousness of how emotions and bioenergy are blocked. These are used during the session, and sometimes as take-home exercises to continue to support and enhance the healing release initiated by the homeopathic remedies. The patient benefits from this process of identifying and releasing the emotional “force fields” and their contents (grief, fear, guilt, resentment, and rage), and which were generally first anchored in the mind and body within the first four years of life and even back in the womb.

These methods of Orgonomic Heilkusnt are most typically introduced towards the later phase of treatment, once the underlying issues of diseases and imbalances have been addressed to a certain degree, and the patient is ready to address the higher issues of how they relate to their life as a whole.

Most patients who undergo this level of specialized Heilkunst treatment attest to the delicious release. One woman wrote after her session, “I wish to thank you from the depth of my heart (yes! I feel it ever more now!) for our session of last week… it has been life transforming… feels like all the healing work I’ve done over the last ten years has accumulated and prepared me for living and facing that pivotal point with you – thank you for going there with me!”

*Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a student and colleague of Sigmund Freud, who developed the abstract concepts such as “libido” and worked to find a very real and concrete basis for such concepts and a very effective clinical method for applying them. Initially, his method appeared similar to Freud’s “Psychoanalysis”, but over time he developed a body-centered method which was much more deeply participative and effective.

One thought on “What is Orgonomic Heilkunst?

  1. Carol Ann

    Yes ! I too can attest to the feeling that all previous therapy was simply preparation for Orgonomic Heilkunst. After my first session with Ally I felt as though a wave came and pushed me forward, closer to the shoreline, after years of trudging through the water. It was no doubt the force of Reich at play, and I loved it !