What is the Inergetix-CoRe system?

The CoRe (Inergetix-CoRe system) is a computer-based radionics system that we use at the clinic for a variety of testing and assessment functions. The basic function of the CoRe is to provide an objective measurement of the flow of life energy in the patient, and more specifically, where and how that flow is blocked, or has the potential to become blocked. Here is one explanation for how the CoRe works. 

It can very accurately pinpoint blockages due to natural diseases, infections, toxins, emotional traumas, subconscious conflicts, and so on. It can also illuminate where an individual needs to properly balance their diet or lifestyle, such as the need for supplementation or other adjunct therapies. It is the most advanced and modern version in the history of dowsing and radionics devices.

The CoRe is multi-functional, and is the only device of its kind available to-date that is open-ended and programmable. This means that we have been able to create new sections in the database that are much more specific to the way that we assess a patient within the framework of Heilkunst medicine, and we can even create custom assessments based on a patient’s unique needs. One example of this would be for testing a patient who is having their dental amalgams replaced, and are seeking the dental composite that is least reactive for their system (bio-individuality).

There are almost as many clinical uses for the CoRe as there are patients, but in general we are finding that it is a very powerful tool to speed up the overall progress of the case, and to better navigate through some of the more intense healing reactions that may be experienced in treatment from time to time. We can also identify if there are untreated time-line events, which may have been either forgotten, or not treated deeply enough. You can read a partial case study of one patient’s CoRe scan here.

Please contact the clinic with any questions about the CoRe more specific to your case. Your practitioner will suggest a CoRe session for you at various intervals, depending on the needs and depth of your case.


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