What is your appointment cancellation policy?

In respect of our practitioners, as well as other patients seeking to book appointments, we maintain a minimum 24 hour cancellation policy.

You will be billed in full for a missed appointment, unless you have provided at least 24 hour notice of your need to change or cancel, or if we are able to fill the time slot on a last minute basis.

Note: You will receive appointment reminders via our automated reminder system. Your appointment will be held for you unless you specifically select the “Cancellation” option or you contact Reception directly to cancel. Not responding to the reminder does not signal that the appointment is cancelled.

Please contact reception at 1-877-233-0779, or reception@arcanum.ca for making any changes to your appointment.

For CoRe appointments, the cancellation policy applies to two separate parts of the booking (as there are two parts to the billing of a CoRe appointment):

  1. The discussion portion of the appointment falls under the same 24 hour cancellation policy as above, relative to your appointment time.
  2. The CoRe scan is run on the Monday morning prior to your appointment, so the missed appointment fee would apply if notification is not supplied by Friday at 1pm (Atlantic).

In other words, to fully cancel your CoRe appointment without inducing any missed appointment fee, the cutoff time is Friday at 1pm (Atlantic), prior to your appointment. If you only meet the 24 hour cancellation time relative to your discussion time, but not relative to the Monday morning CoRe scan, then the missed appointment fee will still be billed for that portion only.

You can learn more about our CoRe system here: https://arcanum.ca/faq/what-is-the-inergetix-core-system/