Homeopathic Flu Prevention : Both safe and effective

Homeopathy has a 200 year old history of high efficacy preventing the contraction of infectious illness during epidemics (Cholera, Yellow Fever, Smallpox, Influenza, etc.), as it is based on The Law of Similars, which modern-day vaccination unconsciously attempts to mimic

The effectiveness of the Homeopathic flu remedy does not depend on second-guessing which influenza virus strain will strike this winter, since it works based on The Law of Similars, rather than on the need to match an exact strain

The Free Homeopathic Clinics all across North America have tracked an
efficacy rate in excess of 98% over the past 7 winters

There are no chemical additives in the Homeopathic Flu Nosode : this means that no potential allergic reactions, or toxicity can resul

The Homeopathic remedy is not contra-indicated during pregnancy or

The Homeopathic remedy can also be used to treat an active case of the
flu. It will also clear out any residue from the system a person may have
from being exposed to the flu in a previous year

Homeopathic remedies are much more cost-effective to produce than
vaccines, and produce much higher rates of immunity