Booking a Natural Fertility Assessment and Treatment

How does natural fertility treatment work? Exactly the way you’d expect.

  • It’s both effective AND safe.
  • It’s non-toxic and non-invasive.
  • It never produces side effects (neither in the short- nor long-term).
  • It works with you as a whole human being, rather than a bunch of random parts.

Most importantly, it gets results.

What should I expect from my natural fertility session?

  • A fertility session is Dynamic and multidimensional. Our holistic approach, in other words, matches you.
  • You’ll never find us using “trial and error” or “magic bullet” approaches. Those kinds of results are available to you from any random Google search.
  • Natural medicine is both a science and an art. The principles are universal (science), while their application is individual (art).
  • Fertility naturally arises from a total state of health. We consider your complete health history, including.
    • Your current approach to fertility.
    • Any fertility-related history in your family tree.
    • The current picture of your lifestyle and diet.

What will be the outcome of my fertility session?

Fertility session goal : To design your successful fertility plan for you, and provide the tools you’ll need to achieve it.

  • Specific diet and lifestyle recommendations for optimizing fertility.
  • Addressing specific medical needs with homeopathic formulas. (These include detox, hormone rebalancing, or other functional issues at play).
  • Any needed stress management strategies, and other blockages to a healthy mind-body relationship.

How To Book Your Session

Send as an email at with the subject “Natural fertility session,”.

We’ll send you our fertility session intake package, which includes your health intake forms, and a checklist with everything you’ll need to prepare for the session.

We’ll set up a 90 minute appointment for you, where on of our natural fertility practitioners will guide you through the whole process. They’ll provide you with their recommendations, and a specific action plan. [NOTE: all recommended homeopathic formulas are included as part of your session, and not billed extra.]

“I knew this was the last place I would have to turn, to have a baby”

The 8 steps to natural fertility your doctor doesn't know about

Santero family

“October of 2013 is when my life changed. I had finally given in to seeing Allyson at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic after a fellow heilkunst mama had repeatedly urged me to at least try her. This mother gently urged me for months prior to, but I just didn’t ‘get’ how this treatment would work. Our journey for having a family was met with failed attempt after failed attempt every month. We had even resorted to fertility treatments (the ones we could afford…kind of) and still were failing to have a family. We were plagued with Unexplained Infertility.

Enter in Allyson.

Within twenty minutes of speaking with Allyson via skype, I knew this was the last place I would have to turn, to have a baby. Allyson patiently went through all aspects of Heilkunst Homeopathy treatment, and detailed how my specific treatment would span out, and what modifications to start. Before our initial session, I was overwhelmed with such a change in treatment, from always seeing allopathic physicians, to seeing a homeopath. I was clueless. She helped me ‘get it.’ And it makes sense. I needed to change our diet and get our bodies in an alkaline state. Done. I adhered to this as though it was my religion.

For once, over the four years of “not preventing” and then actively “trying” to have a child, I had hope it would happen. Not the false sense of hope like I had with the hormone cocktails injected into my back side had given me, not like all the tests with painful utensils I was prodded with like a cow gave me, not all the “advice” I received but never asked for, but REAL hope. I saw Allyson once more before getting pregnant in December of 2013. That is all it took. Two whole appointments. Not only had she restored the hope and love I had lost in myself as a woman and a wife, but she made me a mother. Two appointments. My life was changed. I am a mother.

We still see Allyson monthly for follow-ups for our timelines and miasms, which also includes the frantic emails and phone calls at all hours about my fears of failing as a mother, not being good enough for my daughter, the reason for her temperature/runny nose/trouble with breastfeeding/etc., or just the question of “am I doing this right?” There is no judgment, she is never too busy for me, and she “gets me.” She does. She understands and is there, full of support, love…so much love, and kindness.

Allyson and the principles of Heilkunst Homeopathy changed my life. She healed the fragment of the broken person I was inside, with the deepest sadness of infertility, I thought I was hiding, and she made me a mother. And she is helping me to be a better mother.

I am forever indebted to Allyson, as she made me a mother.


Reanna and Willow”

Fertility Assessment and Treatment FAQ

Where is your clinic located?

We conduct our treatment sessions 100% by distance. Thanks to the video chat technology now freely available, we can meet you wherever you are.

Where can I buy the homeopathic formulas you recommend to us?

All homeopathic remedies recommended by us are provided to you as part of your session fee. They are highly individualized, and we don’t want to burden you with the difficult task of sourcing the various ingredients, and mixing them yourself.

Do you sell any of the vitamins or supplements that you’ve recommended to us?

No. It’s generally much easier as well as cost-effective for you to source the necessary products locally, or through online retailers. 

How do I book a fertility session?

Send as an email at with the subject “Natural fertility session”, and we’ll send you the fertility session intake package. It includes all of your health intake forms, and a checklist for everything to prepare for the session.