Resources for New Patients

Resources for New Patients

Welcome to Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, and our health resource site. There are a variety of health topics and general resources for patients on this site, and this first page has been organized to help you to set up your first appointment time.

We have a Frequently Asked Questions page, which is a good place to look for answers to your general questions. You can also contact our receptionist (see below) with any questions that are more specific to your needs.

Depending on the nature of your health concerns and goals, you will work with one or several of our practitioners at different points during your treatment. Heilkunst is a comprehensive and systematic approach to health care, and our clinic has been set up in a way that every patient can receive the form of treatment they need at the time in their treatment they need it. We treat all general health issues, as well as utilizing specialized techniques for more complex aspects of some treatments (Allyson McQuinn with her special focus on Orgonomic Heilkunst, and Bowen Therapy, and Jeff Korentayer with his special focus on Inergetix-CoRe technology). The current fee schedule is found in our FAQ section.


All Practitioners and staff of Arcanum Wholistic Clinic treat all information provided by patients with the utmost in confidentiality and sensitivity. Every aspect of our medical work, as well as administrative issues with patients are governed by this principle.