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Most women we’ve served over the last 20 years will say that they felt that the expensive chemical cocktails used for IVF did not feel resonant to them. When we’ve helped them to detox, fixed their diet, corrected their pH (acid/alkaline balance) and homeopathically removed the other shocks and traumas including hormonal birth control they’ve ended up conceiving naturally. What a wonderful thing it has been to get that email from our supposed infertile patient that they just discovered that they conceived out of their own volition. This FREE book will show you how we’ve helped hundreds of individuals become pregnant after following these 8 simple steps.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your son or daughter’s underlying cause for Autism, ADHD or other behavioural issues resolved outright? Many of us have been promised that this diet, or new modality of treatment will be the one, to then suffer yet another disappointment or set-back. What if there are lawful 200-year-old principles and an organizing lens for cure that is not only consistently realizable, but can also be explained to you through a heart-rending story?

This book is ideal for those seeking to be on the inside track, an exclusive audience, knowing what it takes to keep your own family whole and healthy over the Winter months and beyond. You will know what it feels like to have the tools to be able to boost your own, and your family’s, immune function. No more guess work!

“If you’ve picked up this book, you may be struggling with the same questions I once had, as someone who decided to pursue unschooling with her two children many years ago. Now that you’ve decided that your child(ren) will be leaving the traditional school setting, you may be asking yourself some pretty deep questions. What, if any, curriculum should you apply? You may be asking yourself, “Am I qualified to be their primary educator? What if I don’t do a good job of preparing them for life because I overlooked what they needed in their formative education years? What is the healthiest approach to education? How does self-education work and how do I know if it is the right approach for my child?”

Allyson McQuinn, Practitioner Of Natural Medicine, woke up one day to find her own health in serious decline. Her left arm was seriously blistered and weeping and the Opthamologist suggested that she may lose the sight in her left eye.

With the maxim, “Physician Heal Thyself,” McQuinn goes on a thorough, intimate journey to suss out the root cause of her ills. As a result of keeping daily journals of her perilous journey for her sole (soul) illumination, later, she decided that her ruminations might be of benefit to other readers. This book is for anyone who’s going, or gone, through a serious health issue and are struggling to come to terms with the meaning of their own suffering and how to wholly experience the art of truly falling apart in order to rebuild from a place of knowledge instead of sacrifice. This is McQuinn’s 13th book in health and wellness.

Almost 20 years ago, I still had a baby in his crib. He’d had a rough start being born almost two months premature, suffering colic around the clock for the first 6 months of his life, which was not solved by breast feeding, car rides, rocking of any kind, or baby wearing. Sadly, I found out later that he was suffering vaccine damage that needed to be treated as a chronic issue. If you’re curious, I wrote another book about his sufferings and ultimate resolution entitled, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing”.

This book was born of both the womb and of the heart. It is an artistic piece, a piece wrought with feeling, including righteous anger. It is about reclaiming the right to birth where we want to on our own terms. For thousands of years, we’ve birthed at home, in creeks, and even mangers. We are not sick and we’re discovering that, clinically, our chosen sanctuaries are the safest places for us to give birth.*

This is McQuinn’s third book of poetry. She creates these deep, personal art forms as sentinels, both marking her personal evolution as keepers of time, but also as protectors. To be truly romantically held, we conjure witnesses, carers, lovers of our hearts. Not all lovers are human and some are born out of the law of nature, homeopathically, through inner process.

McQuinn keeps her poetry raw, biting and lyrical. She’s got work to do as a Doctor of Natural Medicine and poetry is her personal arena for exorcising her own demons, commenting on life’s quandaries and celebrating sex and romance. Her love is a stain on the tableau of human suffering and its delicious triumphs through romantic ruminations. It oozes from her buxom core!

Our pets are sicker than ever! This is a very disturbing fact. When we were kids, even, our beloved kitty or dog was never sick. Now that is sadly all changing. Big Pharma is driving the number of vaccines and drugs our beloved pets are getting and we’re seeing more of our pets suffering with serious chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, bladder issues, heart disease, etc. The list sadly goes on. As a result, even breeders are suffering total recalls on litters that are too chronically ill to sustain their own health and even life.

Just as our children rely on us to keep their health as pristine as possible with whole and raw foods, so do our dogs. Just as our kids need fresh air and exercise and for us to step up to address their ills as naturally, without side effects as possible, it also is our responsibility to exact the Hippocratic Oath also for the animals in our care.

This book is designed to empower women to be able to take their health and well-being back into their own hands using safe, natural home remedies. Allyson McQuinn is a Doctor of Natural Medicine with 20 years of combined research and clinical experience and she will share with you a bounty of practical tips, curative homeopathic remedies as well as flower essences to ensure the women of your household get their health back on track easily.

Sixteen year-old Sophie comes from a very anal, moralistically repressed village in Maritime Canada. After suffering a near rape at a party, she is provided with a couple of homeopathic remedies for the trauma but the action of their remediation extends well beyond the scope of this one event. In fact, the shift is so profound that the whole negative karmic theme of her life riddled with suppressive forces jolts her to a conscious awakening. In the heat of this mental struggle, Sophie wonders if her heart will ever know true love; she grapples, alone, with her old feelings of being marginalized as a girl/woman, and suffering with her unresolved anger, fears and resentment. The difference is that, now, she knows it!

Have you ever asked your physician or psycho therapeutician what the over-arching goal is for your treatment is? Is it really enough to just shut down your symptoms? Isn’t it time that medicine evolve beyond just palliative and suppressive drugs? Have you ever craved a system of medicine that goes beyond just an absence of symptoms to an over arching state of health and well-being so stunning that you may not even be able to imagine it?

This is a book of intimate poetic musings by a Physician of Natural Medicine who’s keenly conscious of how the Physician must heal thyself through the process of intense self-reflection. It is also a study in pure spontaneous word play and modern fancy that takes the fellow seeker on an honest series of vignettes into the self.

Enter the world of Lac Caprinum and find out why the world doesn’t want the average person to drink raw milk. If we can eat sushi without any fear of admonition from our government, then why does the dairy board want to keep raw milk out of the matrix of its monopoly? McQuinn crosses the boundaries of politics using her full-throttle wisdom to illuminate the realm of a homeopathic proving that may just change the way humanity looks at its living food.