Sophie’s Truth : How A Young Girl Unfolded Her Essential Self Through Love

Sixteen year-old Sophie comes from a very anal, moralistically repressed village in Maritime Canada. After suffering a near rape at a party, she is provided with a couple of homeopathic remedies for the trauma but the action of their remediation extends well beyond the scope of this one event. In fact, the shift is so profound that the whole negative karmic theme of her life riddled with suppressive forces jolts her to a conscious awakening. In the heat of this mental struggle, Sophie wonders if her heart will ever know true love; she grapples, alone, with her old feelings of being marginalized as a girl/woman, and suffering with her unresolved anger, fears and resentment. The difference is that, now, she knows it!

You can preview the first chapter of Sophie’s Truth by clicking the book image.

Her epiphany comes on a bus, en route from Paris to Nice for a summer exchange program where she faces her past, and steps liberally cured and cleansed into the possibility of her future. In a quaint French cafe, Sophie is launched into the arms of Manny, a resonant young Danish man who has such a deep regard for her that it cannot be contained. He pursues her with a gentle care and ardor she’s never known before or even imagined. How can the essence of this burgeoning love be wrong? Can Manny help to validate Sophie’s unfolding womanhood, creating a balm of spiritual love through resonant communion? Can she shift her former paradigm of fear in time to fully receive his offering?

This is Sophie’s Truth, a fictional story with a clear illuminating voice written by a doctor of natural medicine that illustrates the heartache of modern teenage girls and boys she’s actually served in her own clinic. Although this book is purely fictional, Allyson McQuinn has extracted themes from real life stories that she’s helped her patients solve so that they can peel back the layers of trauma, genetic impingements, beliefs and false morals that repress the true goddess and the high priest of our times. If both men and women don’t buy back their freedom from repression, we may never release our rage, which is the one sure way of enabling us to embrace our true orgastic potency. Our health and well-being depends on it.

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