The Path To Cure – *The Whole Art Of Healing Autism* by Allyson McQuinn DMH, JAOH

How did she help her son recover from autism?

The Path To Cure - The Whole Art of Healing

The Path To Cure – The Whole Art of Healing

“I stumbled upon this book after my son was diagnosed with autism. The book is a heart-felt account of the author going through her son’s recovery of autism and her own recovery of her deep-rooted issues by Heilkunst homeopathy. By fate, I found another woman whose daughter had recovered from autism and Allyson McQuinn was her doctor. It had all clicked that Ally’s story was meant for me to read, and her understanding of healing our children and ourselves is personal to her. Allyson McQuinn is brilliant, and I could not thank her enough for writing this book! I recommend it highly!”


This is the page-turning story of a mother who was determined to help her son, whose degeneration into the autism spectrum was triggered by routine childhood vaccination. This autobiographical account will not only reveal the natural medicine approach which successfully cured his autism, but unexpectedly provided the mom with the keys to her own healing journey.

This heartfelt, inspiring story illuminates their “path to cure” in a way totally accessible to any layperson. You will learn not only which natural approach worked, but how and why it did, and how the lessons of this book have successfully multiplied a single autism recovery story into many. The Path To Cure is the perfect blend of storytelling and inspiration, with a dose of natural medicine education.

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