The Raw Milk Cleanse: My 35 Day Discovery On Nothing But Goat’s Milk

“Raw milk is full of orgone energy.  That is the basis for doing this fast.  Every Spring when I douse myself by asking, ‘How do you want to go about it this year?’, the answer was clear.  Since before Christmas, I was thinking about how I was tired of feeling unsupported and afraid.  I needed to find ways to give myself many gifts and so I began blogging in the New Year, things that I could give myself – a regiminal treat like a day at the spa, or a mini-retreat to write, or a long hike by a river with a covered bridge, while taking pictures in the late afternoon light.  So when I came to do my annual Springtime cleanse, I was feeling so buoyed up by my choices thus far in the year, that it was a no-brainer.  From my intuitive perspective, this was wholly the answer to my generative goal – to feel love, nurturing and support from all aspects of my regimen and environment.  It was just an extension of a deeper choice I’d been making already.”

2 thoughts on “The Raw Milk Cleanse: My 35 Day Discovery On Nothing But Goat’s Milk

  1. Unity

    Does this book tell the way to do the complete raw milk cleanse … like the whole recipe of herbs to use while drinking only milk etc?

  2. amcquinn

    No, this is a memoir about the author’s experience solely on a mono food and what she learned about herself, having not been nursed as a baby. As Allyson mentioned to you via Facebook, we’re happy to counsel you through a cleanse specific to your unique goals through our clinic.

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