How To Recognize The Early Signs Of Autism

The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing

When my son, Jordan, was just a babe, I suffered from a lack of knowledge regarding his developmental milestones.  The problem was compounded with the fact that he was born almost two months premature and although I kept mentally correcting his biological age by two months, he wasn’t appearing to hit his milestones.  Also, being a first-time Mom, I had no clue what I was looking for as I’d never really been connected to many babbling babies or attuned to whether they made eye contact, or not.  I also had no clue, really, at what age these things are supposed to happen.  I knew my baby was special, but my veil of fear and grief kept me from seeing what was going on clearly.

Jordan also did something a little weird, he said the words, “that’s right” at about 7 months, clear as a bell … twice.  That was the first and last time I heard him speak for almost 2 years.  He crawled more at the one year mark, he poked his first teeth through the gum line at about 13 months and walked closer to 20 months.   The poor little mite screamed non-stop for the first six months of his life.  We called him “Le Miserable” and I have written my plight with my babe in greater detail in my book, The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing. I’ve been told by other Moms of developmentally challenged babes that reading my book has helped them by knowing how hard it was for Jordan and I.  A homeopathic dose, if you will … like cures like!

Below is a great short video from that will help you to identify the early stages of development and discern the early signs of Autism.  If I had such a tool when I was home alone in the suburbs struggling with my babe that never seemed to leave babyhood, I would have had more knowledge to address our needs.  At the age of four, we began Heilkunst Treatment and Jordan thankfully launched forward in his development by going back and picking up the pieces lost due to vaccine damage, birth trauma and a Genetic Miasm load that spawned the autistic condition we were all suffering.  I’m pleased to say that Jordan will be 15 next month and he is a beautiful, kind, bright, emotionally intelligent sportsman and musician.  His sense of humor is amazing!

If you watch the short video below, please let us know what you think and if it is a help to you.


Mumps is Back!

Take a look at the insanity being circulated at our local health department here in Ottawa. This is botched science at its best. The thinking being that if one dose doesn’t work, just give more! Sort of like spanking a child. Also, if Mumps is what is needing to be addressed, why are they also proposing to re-immunize against Measles and Rubella (German Measles)? The latter has not reared its ugly little head for over 50 years and has been in fact declared “eradicated”. In fact, it is the allopathic medical community that tries to take credit for this, but we know this little scourge just naturally found its way on the decline all by itself without any vaccine. I particularly love the part at the end of her memo when she cites, “Fortunately, mumps is preventable through immunization, so advertising our clinics as much as possible is very important.” Um, is she so entirely stupid to think that the audience she is writing to isn’t going to catch such an obvious contradiction? Hello???? As you all know we use safe, proven homeopathic remedies to cure the underlying cause and also apply the same principled, lawful science to prevent Mumps on the basis of Homoprophylaxis. We can do this safely and effectively with any childhood illness you would like to prevent in your child.

Dear OPH colleague;

Mumps is Back! As you may be aware, the incidence of mumps has been increasing recently throughout Canada, primarily among postsecondary students. There have been outbreaks of mumps in four other provinces, and infections are on the rise in Ontario. In response, The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has implemented a one-time Mumps Catch-Up Vaccination Program by offering free mumps-containing vaccine, called MMR (measles/mumps/rubella), through local Public Health Units.

Four out of five people born in Ontario between 1970 and 1995 have received only one dose of the MMR vaccine, which may not provide them with enough protection against the mumps virus. After a new recommendation in 1996, most children in Ontario received two doses of the MMR vaccine before entering elementary school. To be fully protected from contracting mumps, two doses are required. Ottawa Public Health is encouraging all young adults born between 1970 and 1995 to review their immunization records, and receive a second dose of the MMR vaccine if this has not already occurred. Clinics will be hosted at all postsecondary institutions in Ottawa, and in various community settings, from January to March 2009.

Mumps is a highly contagious viral illness that can have serious and permanent complications. Fortunately, mumps is preventable through immunization, so advertising our clinics as much as possible is very important.The Community Immunization Clinics Program would greatly appreciate your assistance with getting this information out into our community by sharing it with your community partners, friends and families. For more information, and a list of community and campus clinics, visit or

Together, we can prevent an outbreak of mumps in the City of Ottawa.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Program Manager, Communicable Disease Management

Letter from Jonathan Davies to Damian Thompson

Letter from Jonathan Davies to Damian Thompson, author of Counterknowledge.

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I saw your book titled Counterknowlege in a book store the other day, and browsed through it quickly.

There are a couple of comments that I would like to make, regarding what you say in this book mentioned above.

First, you are very critical of the idea of vaccinations causing autism.  What I believe is that in some cases, vaccinations trigger autism.  However, I believe that this is because in cases in which vaccinations cause (or trigger) autism, the individual has a high sensitivity to the heavy metals that vaccinations inject into the body.  It is just like the fact that nuts cause some people to be very ill physically, but in all such cases, it is because the individual has a severe allergy to nuts.  In cases in which an individual becomes autistic after having a vaccination, it is not the vaccination itself, or even the heavy metals that are in it, that is at fault, but the weak immune system that the individual has.

Second, I am very disappointed about your unfavourable opinion on alternative medicines.  When I picked up your book, I was hoping that you would be critical of the pharmaceutical industry.  I know that the pharmaceutical industry has brainwashed many of us into believing that if there is no pharmaceutical cure for something, then there is no cure for it whatsoever.  However, I have a strong suspicion that this is the pharmaceutical industry’s own wishful thinking.  A lot of people are saying that there is no cure for autism, but I have a strong suspicion that the pharmaceutical industry is brainwashing people into believing that.  I have a strong suspicion that if there is no pharmaceutical cure for autism, the pharmaceutical industry won’t want anybody to think that there is any solution to autism whatsoever.

In your own opinion, if no alternative medicines can correct or eliminate autism, does that mean that there is no solution to autism whatsoever?  From what I hear, there is currently an epidemic of autism.  It is more common in the Baby Boom generation than in any generation before it, and it is even more common in the generation after it.  What are people going to do if and when it gets to the point where as much as half the male population and about one-eighth of the female population (which would be about one-third of the total population) is on the autism spectrum?  If there is still no pharmaceutical treatment or cure for autism at that point, we will be living in an awful world!  Indeed, we are living in an awful world anyway, because of many other things that are happening, but it will be even more awful if and when as much as one-third or one-half of the world’s entire population is autistic!

If you believe that there will one day be a solution to the autism epidemic, please feel free to let me know what it might be.  And if you don’t believe that there will ever be a solution, please feel free to let me know how the world is going to deal with it.


Jonathan Davies

Autistic Babe Restored


E-mail from Trevor’s Mom after just 6 Heilkunst Treatments:

Just couldn’t wait until next Wed to tell you what a GREAT day Trevor had today. He woke up in great spirits with a huge appetite that lasted ALL day. He got everyone in the family involved in a pretend pirate game in which he declared that I was the captain and he and everyone else were the Mates. We have NEVER played pirates before so I don’t know where that came from. Later in the afternoon, Stephanie got him to play doctor and bandage a cut she had. He really got into character with that one too.

We went to playgroup at our church this morning and he brought a toy car along with him. I warned him that he would have to share it…which he normally would not do very willingly. She said that he would and sure enough, not only did he share…but he ENCOURAGED everyone to play with it…and came to me at one point dissapointed because no one else wanted to pay with his car…I quickly found a boy that wanted to play with it and he was happy again.

He ate a TON during snacktime at playgroup…this is in comparison to the past 2 Wed morning playgroups where he never even sat down at the snack table (the usual for him).

He was the first one there this morning and the last to leave. Not that I’m happy about what he ate…pretzels and graham crackers….but he did have SEVERAL helpings of each.

His energy level stayed high in the afternoon and he played well with Rachel (they usually CLASH). He had a swim lesson at 3pm and he did GREAT!! He could have focused more on the teachers instructions and his eye contact could have been better…but he did do everything that was asked of him once he listened or watched. Last Wed was his first lesson and he spent the entire 1/2 hour crying/screaming ” I want to go home” and never got into the water at all!!

He did not get as upset and throw things when he got frustrated trying to play a game this evening. Did not get upset when I left the house twice to drop off/pick up his sister. (Dad was home…but Trevor usually wants to go with me when I leave).

He just had smiles and giggles all day and was a lot of fun!!!

He was however VERY constipated all afternoon…with a blockage….had some liquidy bms leak around the blockage….but he did finally pass the LARGE BM at around 5 pm today. But, even with the constipation…he was in pretty good spirits….just could not SIT down at a right angle for most of the afternoon…poor guy!!

He did a funny thing at bedtime. He said, next time (meaning tomorrow night) could I have a baby bottle? I asked him why and he said because he liked the sippy thing. Interesting…. He did LOVE his bottles and we had lots of trouble giving them up!!!

Well…I knew you said we’d see rapid improvements with the addition of my treatment! Wow! I really think that ever since the MMR remedy, he has been improving in so many areas very rapidly. As for me….I’ve lost 8 lbs so far!! I’m under 200 and have no plans to ever got back up!!! I’m thrilled. I find this diet pretty easy to stick with….I do miss carbs…but if I just drink the Raspberry Leaf tea when I have a craving, it takes care of it.

I’m looking forward to Trevor‘s appointment next Wed!!

Many Blessings,


Allyson McQuinn, DMH: I have seen Trevor for only 6 visits so far and his improvements have been monumental and we have focussed almost solely on clearing each vaccination booster/trauma using the principles of Heilkunst. When I first began working with Trevor, he did not make eye contact, he constantly flapped his arms, and had many patterns of a ritualistic nature. He would answer questions like, “How are you?” with, “My name is Trevor.” His Mom has been stellar to work with regarding the Regimen component as much of this jurisdiction had already been addressed, which would contribute to the greater resolution in the jurisdiction of lawful medicine we have come to expect in this case.