What is Heilkunst?

This is the German term meaning “whole art of healing.” It is derived from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s sixth edition of the Organon der Heilkunst, where the laws of this system of medicine were recently unearthed. We use the original German word as there isn’t an English equivalent that encompasses the full scope of meaning.

Heilkunst is just that, “broad!” It goes beyond the limited treatment of only symptoms, and is built on a foundation of many inter-related jurisdictions. While a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst will use homeopathic medicines to address the roots of disease, the remedies will also be used simultaneously to annihilate the negative effects of drugs, balance your Constitution, in addition to also treating present symptoms.

At the initial consultation you may be asked to complete a “sequential timeline” describing the emotional and physical traumas incurred over your lifetime. This exercise forms the “map” or guide during your treatment and each layer will be effectively peeled off like the layers of an onion. For example we would treat the car accident you had in March, of 2001, antibiotic use for bronchitis in November of 2000 and the death of your beloved grand father in May of 2000. By getting at the roots of these events, the symptoms effectively lose their anchors.

The next juncture is often the patient’s vaccinations. Although based on the Law of Similars in preventing childhood diseases, they contain many toxins, such as formaldehyde and Thimerisol, which will leave a cellular residue for up to 60 years.

The patient’s own birth trauma is next and then we address the Chronic Miasms which are your genetic inherited diseases. Most of us will carry at least 1-2 of these heavily laden black bags throughout our lives. Your grandfather’s Tubuculosis can show up in you as chronic Bronchitis, your great grandmother’s Rheumatism can be the anchor for your Allergies, and your Uncle Bob’s diabetes can show up as Cancer down his family line.

See also the C/iHa (Canadian and International Heilkunst Association) FAQ page for more info, as well as the article 50 Facts about Heilkunst