What To Do If The Ivermectin Doesn’t Work?

“Under no circumstances should a scientific view be based on an authority; it must always rest upon principles.” ~Rudolf Steiner

People are funny – they run like lemmings after the latest panacea without asking “why?”. Why would Ivermectin, a parasite drug for horses, help humans? As a Physician of 20 years, I know that my human patients are full of parasites. I once was, too. The reason is we’ve craved sugar for decades to suppress rage/anger due to not being able to fully self-actualize on our own terms. What are the favourite foods for parasites? Yup, you guessed it … sugar and simple carbs. 

What happens if you prescribe this drug – Ivermectin – for the general population, with the usual allopathic state of mind of “let’s just try this”? You address the parasites, and the exhausted immune function sighs with a huge, “Thank God!, I don’t have to keep combating that mess in the gut anymore!”. The newly burgeoning resources kick up their heels with glee. It starts doing its job of addressing bigger unresolved issues, like colds, unchecked bacteria and get this … errant viruses.

In our two decades of experience, we’ve seen a lot of marginalized immune functions due to maxxines (made up word), overabundance of sugar/simple carbohydrates, deficient microbiomes (lack of good bacterial army), parasites, viruses and a boatload of stress. It happens that the first jurisdiction of Heilkunst Medicine is all about cleaning up the toxins and parasitic action in the ground substance (see Caduceus Chart below) AND furnishing the system with a healthy diet (usually based on endocrine or blood type diet), plenty of pH-balanced water, sound sleep and bodacious recreation. 

When we get this biological realm mopped up, properly fed, stripped of hangers on (parasites) and supplemented, it’s much easier when peeling the traumas from the patient’s sequential timeline with the homeopathic remedies, thereafter. As you can see, it’s dynamic, and answers the question as to why the individual got into this mess in the first place. By allowing the immune function some serious breathing room to do its job, long-term without risk of re-infection, the patient feels the benefits for the rest of their lives and they know both how and why. That’s science, not just a one-off fluke.

What are the three jurisdictions of healthcare? 

Mystical Medicine or Cure Based on Principle?

So now, back to Ivermectin. The usual response I get is, “Well if it works, isn’t that all that matters?” Yeah, that’s the same state of mind that got us into the mechanistic mess we’re in at present. Empirical science counts on you not asking questions about the drugs it prescribes on the basis of just repeating mechanical prescriptions by rote. For example, if it seems like an infection, just take penicillin without asking why the immune function didn’t check the green mucus or ear infection on its own. I’m about to prove that the mystics do the same. What happens when the band-aid on the horse’s parasitic hiney doesn’t work? Let’s find out.

I know of a woman who was given Ivermectin by a friend. Two nights later, she got up in the night, had a dizzy spell, fell and hit her head going down. She was dizzy and nauseous for over a week. Her vision was affected, blurred. It took her days and days of rest and allopathic treatment in order to get her ‘right’ again. What happened there? This friend group just went silent. No one thought to ask when this woman gave back this drug to her friend, the meaning around why it didn’t work for her AND why it had deleterious consequences was still at large?!!! They all chalked it up to her being the exception. Just like the allopaths and their big pharma black bag.

What does this remind you of? That’s right — cycles of allopathic drugs that are given en masse, without question, without individualized consultation, because it just seems to work. But does it?! Every time? Without causing harm? What if the woman in my example above was so full of parasites, that her body collapsed with the die-off? What if she was so armoured that this expanding dead worm population threatened to choke her normal functioning? Who’s going to guide her in this allopathic (other suffering) event? Still silent? Go back to chewing on THC gummies to help stop worrying about it? Don’t worry, they’re ‘natural’ too, but I digress.

This one-size-fits-all medicine is loved by all! The magic panacea pursued with fervor by both allopaths and mystics everywhere. What about the secondary side-effects? It seems that as long as the first set of symptoms go away, we’re all good. No questions asked. But what about the patient?  Were they cured? Yes, they say, the symptoms went away. 


Just Take MORE And Stop Asking So Many Questions!

What happens, though, to the exceptions AND when the diet, anger issues, viruses, and parasites come back in a few months or a year? Ah, just take more of the drug say the mystics AND the allopaths. We all know cancer victims who’ve said that the cancer came back, needing several more rounds of radiation or chemical warfare (with less than 3% efficacy as per John Robbins, ‘Reclaiming Our Health’) Sounds like a plan lacking real sovereignty and freedom to my ears.

Just because something is accepted en masse, does not mean that it is based on principle. Most of the time it is not. Ivermectin happens to be prescribed on the law of opposites (healative) which means that it is not actually curative (law of similars). 

I will remind my readers that just because a patient’s symptom(s) goes away, it doesn’t mean you’ve cured the underlying disease(s). For example, tumours can be surgically removed, six months later, the allopaths cite ‘remission’  but the patient still perishes a year later even without radiation or chemotherapy. Family and friends are left scratching their heads, wondering “What happened?”.

Well, that’s easy – the diseased state of mind was still at large. The root cause was bypassed in favour of the so-called panacea. It’s also why folks in New York Hospitals were dying when put on ventilators at the onset of the pandemic (Sources below). Oxygen seemed to be killing folks with a respiratory event! It was a mystifying gong show. But the same thing happened during the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 when the virus killed an estimated 195,000 Americans during October alone. What also happened in big cities everywhere at the same time? Electricity was being installed en masse in every big city. What was being installed in cities at the onset of the 2020 pandemic? That’s right – five-gee (made up name).

Nearly all COVID-19 patients put on ventilators in New York’s largest health system died, study finds

Study: Most NY COVID Patients on Ventilators Died

Nurse in New York claims the city is killing COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators

The doctors in New York were mystified as to why the body would not absorb the oxygen provided by the ventilator. One physician said it was like putting the patient on an airplane and then opening the doors at 30,ooo feet. The body couldn’t absorb it! The drug Remdesivir was also no help. Too much oxygen in their systems and their lips were still turning blue with hypoxia. Many died, sadly. Just like electricity being introduced in the big smoke of New York in 1918, the same phenomena was occurring in present day 2020 whereas the body couldn’t absorb oxygen due to more than 60 hertz of radiation from the introduction of five-gee. The physicians were baffled, told to label it ‘C-vid’ as each hospital got a $32,000 + incentive for doing so. This isn’t science, this is incentivized harm.

Doctor Reveals that Remdesivir Was the Real Cause For Many Alleged COVID-19 Maladies – Great Mountain Publishing

Nurse in New York claims the city is killing COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators

Nurse in New York claims the city is killing COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators

In What Other Ways Have A Lack Of Principles Caused Harm?

Penicillin (grown naturally in a lab) has destroyed patient’s microbiota to the point of utter destitution diagnosed as C. difficile needing stool transplants (I know, because I’ve been a donor for years). All-natural opium has killed users of heroin, Oxycontin and Percocet for decades. As per the CDC, nearly 500,000 people died from overdoses involving any opioid, including prescription and illicit opioids, from 1999-2019. 

Opioid Data Analysis and Resources | CDC’s Response to the Opioid Overdose Epidemic

Mercury was used to treat Syphilitic sores for years and Mercury fillings have been used since the war of 1812 because it was a pliable metal and army personnel could continue fighting without having to deal with the root cause of the rot in their tooth. The symptoms were magically gone! Too bad they lost their minds and incurred a whole host of other symptoms. Allopathic dentistry has used mercury as composites for over two hundred years! 

Let’s throw in micro-doses of the known neurotoxin, fluoride, derived from natural fluorine (such a pretty stone) into the city water supplies. Too bad it also causes pitting and cavities in children’s teeth. The state of mind for fluoric acid, derived from our Materia Medicas, indicates an excessive desire for money, an overly preoccupied ‘materialistic’ state of mind.

Image sourced from here: Fluoride – What is it and Where Does it Come From?

Examining the Adverse Effects of Fluoride (part one) – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

Mercurius. – A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MATERIA MEDICA By John Henry CLARKE, MD Presented by Médi-T ®

Since we’re on a roll with all things natural, what about a microdose of all natural bee venom as the anaphylaxis sufferer also collapses, hitting the pavement? Or the child in the 1980’s catching a whiff of organic peanut butter from the breath of the kid enjoying his pb & j at the next desk. Isn’t that just peanuts? Tell that to the 9,500 kids that end up in the emergency department every year. 

23 Shocking Peanut Allergy Deaths Statistics – HRF

As a final note, about all things natural,  I can’t even count how many times, over two decades, that we’ve been called in by parents because their son is experiencing paranoid schizophrenia from excessive cannabis. Talking kids off the wall seems to have become a speciality of ours more recently, during these nefarious lockdowns. I still get angry shouts from individuals, “But it’s all natural, Ally!” “So is the decomposing body of a fascist,” says my partner, Jeff. You can’t cover that stench over with pot-pourri. 

Do You Smoke Weed? – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

Why Heilkunst Medicine Can’t Condone the Use of Medical Marijuana (part one)

Why Heilkunst Medicine Can’t Condone the Use of Medical Marijuana (part two)

The Soul of Remedies: Cannabis indica

Ok, I’ll get down off my all natural, microdosing soapbox and face the end game which means you too won’t be inviting us back to your cocktail party. Probably we’re way past this point. The thing is, we Heilkunst Physicians have got to stick with the principles even though the rest of the world chooses not to. We can’t go in for bandaids on any mammal’s behind, and that means even when treating the horses in my care. 

I have detoxified animals for the deworming formulas prescribed by large and small animal veterinarians for eighteen years. As a result, we can’t condone the ‘just try this’ model and I won’t cause harm with so-called ‘natural substances.’ We deserve to know the principles that we’re acting on, or how it will affect those in our care. No matter how long it’s been touted effective! We can’t evolve as a species if we don’t! 

Ivermectin: Why you shouldn’t take horse deworming medication for COVID-19

The Real Reason People Are Treating Themselves With Horse Dewormer

As another aside, hydroxychloroquine is a chemically composed drug, man-made in a lab, which is derived from quinine, the bark of the tree in South America. China Officianalis was  the first homeopathic remedy triturated and eventually diluted beyond Avogardro’s number by Dr. Samual Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst Medicine and the principle, like cures like (homeopathy). For the love of all things holy, the proving of this drug substance already took place in the 1790’s! Yet scientists and even, so-called more ethical allopaths, are trialling it on humans today in crude form?! Are we going back in time to the late 1700’s scientifically?  It’s natural, right? Almost? Even though it’s man-made, it’s so called ‘natural?’ Well, is it or isn’t it?

Hydroxychloroquine Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

“Many before Hahnemann, from Hippocrates down, had glimpses of the law [of similars], and some had tried to make use of it therapeutically; but all had failed because of their inability to properly graduate and adapt the dose.” [Close, 1924, p. 215]

Hahnemann’s First Provings

Heavy Metals Are All Natural Too, Aren’t They?

Maxxines released before drug trialling and also unapproved by any ethical medical body are being trialed on both adults and children right now. Many deleterious effects, including blood clots, have been reported to VAERS which represents about 1% of actual cases. Is ethylene glycol natural? What about propylene glycol? What about heavy metals or chlorine? All natural? Ok, seems we’re all good to go then? (sarcasm)

CDC Deletes 6,000 Deaths From VAERS

VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days of Vaccination”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government

HP (Homoprophylaxis) and How to Get Your “Green Vaccines”

So What Can Heilkunst Principles Do Instead?

Just for a moment (we’re almost done here), let’s go back to our original premise as to why the Ivermectin has a positive effect on horses and humans. It has to do with ‘sweet feed.’ A molasses-based food for horses that provides additional energy during the training season. As mentioned prior, parasites feed on sugar. Many humans use a version of ‘sweet feed’ in their daily diets. I rarely treat a patient who doesn’t write down ‘sugar cravings’ as a problem on their intake form.

In Heilkunst Medicine, we begin by addressing the diet using typology (blood type, endocrine types etc.), addressing the reasons for the sugar cravings (traumas where anger got swallowed), and applying principles for the parasites (homeopathic Cina for worms/parasites, Sacc. Alb. for the sugar for example) We can’t cause harm, because we’re operating above avogadro’s law. As a result, the immune function will come back online and step up as it should because it’s not struggling with autoimmune issues caused by the sugar cravings. Also, mental clarity bumps up as well. The patient feels more whole and grounded. We also use medicine (law of similars) to treat the virus or biological insult without causing an ounce of harm either. Ta da!

The founder of both homeopathic and antipathic principles, Dr. Hahnemann, treated cholera and scarlet fever, astounding allopaths with his efficacy for decades. He also coined the term ‘allopathy’ because he knew ‘other suffering’ was going to be wielded equally by both allopathic mechanists and mystics who leave the root cause wholly at large while sadly often suppressing the symptom expression with the latest fad … decades after decades. Sigh! I bet he didn’t get invited to a lot of cocktail parties either.

What’s the right jurisdiction for allopathy? That’s right – emergency medicine. It’s been effectively saving lives for many decades. What we’re presently dealing with, here, though is chronic – a chronic case of fear and the  mis-guided love of the next fad and their panaceas; Ye old “play now, pay later” gig. When those allopathic bandaids get torn off, it’s gonna hurt! 

We Heilkünstlers be over here to mop up the ill effects and choices made on this new-found fad based on the popular maxim, “Let’s try this!  Oh, and it’s natural!” which is loved by empirical scientists, and mystics everywhere. As usual, “have at ‘er” seems to fit this medicalized rape culture tried on innocent humans (including my own child who was rendered with no speech, eye contact and OCD patterns for years after the maxine for measles, mumps and rubella … German measles). We’ll be over here, as usual, mopping up the multiple messes caused by both mystics and médecins starting with those suffering concussions in the middle of the night, wondering why it didn’t work for them. 


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